Twiggy Ruby Red or Black Cherry?

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  1. Considering the Twiggy in Ruby Red or Black Cherry. Which do you prefer? Are they both 4 season bags and what colors would you NOT wear them with? Thanks.
  2. wow, crazy, I am trying to decide between these two as well!!!!!!

    I see black cherry as LESS of a 4 season bag, because it looks like fall to me. But I think it would go better with brights than rubisse. Rubisse is a good stand-out color against neutrals.
  3. I think Twiggys look best with bright colors so Ruby all the way!
  4. black cherry is a little too dark for spring/summer for me, so i'd go with the ruby!
  5. Ruby, love this color!
  6. Ruby unless the black cherry looks like the one on Balenciaga site!
  7. 1 vote for Ruby

    will definitely get one too.
  8. I prefer ruby. You will be able to wear read all year . Black cherry seems more a fall/ winter color.
  9. i think ruby would look great in the twiggy style!
  10. Ruby,Ruby!!!:yes:
  11. ruby all the way!!!! It's a beautiful color irl!
  12. Another vote for Ruby!
  13. ;) Ruby Ruby Ruby ;)
  14. Agree, twiggys look so good in brights. I vote for Ruby
  15. uh oh. i might reconsider. seeing the black cherries esp on their website i wanted one & even added it to my original marine & sapphire.

    Guess i'd have to get the BC in a city. I don't think i can wear ruby...