Twiggy Question

  1. hi twiggy owners ;) can the twiggy be carried on the shoulder using the handles of the bag ? im beginning to love the look of the twiggy, i already have the city and the first and im thinking of getting the twiggy next tia!
  2. i'm able to carry mine with the handles, but it is more comfortable with the shoulder strap.
    hope you get one; i love twiggys!
  3. 0o0o yeah you should get a twiggy!!! I've got a cornflower blue twiggy - but I mainly use the shoulder strap or carry it in my hands - coz I always have WAY too much crap in my bags therefore it won't fit over my shoulders... but if I hardly have anything in it then it fits well... :wlae:
  4. yes! you can use the shoulder strap!
  5. I've seen some very thin and/or petite ladies wear the handles over their shoulder but, rarely. I LOVE the Twiggy it's my favorite bag in the Balenciaga line, because I usually wear my bags on my forearms or in hand.
  6. I'm not petite and I wear a size 8, so I guess I'm not that thin, but I can wear mine on my shoulder with the handles.
  7. thank you ladies :love: im very petit i guess this will fit me
  8. i wear my twiggy on my shoulder if there's less stuff in there. if it's stuffed too big then my arm is uncomfortable over it.
    get one! I LOVE TWIGGYS, as of now I only own twiggys.
  9. I'm thinking about getting a twiggy for my next Bbag too....I never realized how nice it was until I held it IRL. I'm 5'2" and thought it was very well proprtioned for my height. And it looks good on your arm too. I hate to say this, but I might even like it better than the city :s
  10. I can, but i don't like it. if you have a lot of stuff in it, it's not very comfortable.
  11. kaka, i can carry mine by the handles on the shoulder. here's a pic of my bordeaux.
  12. ohhh love love that twiggy on you esile thank you for the pic :love: :love: for some reason the city doesnt work well for me :crybaby: twiggy here i come !!
  13. thanks, kaka. the city doesn't work for me either. i had 2 and sold them. you'll love the twiggy. you can fit as much stuff in the twiggy as you can in the city. it looks great for day and evenings out. good luck, girl!
  14. OMG someone with the same name as me.

    anyway back to the topic yes u can carry the twiggy on ur shoulder with the normal handles. i really like my bordeaux twiggy its very roomy and versitle but now am thinking of selling it....ummm...(cant decide.....i love her, i love her not, i love her.....HELP)
  15. esile ur bag is gorgeous!