Twiggy owners: Does it get more slouchy on the sides?

  1. after a while? Mine is a bit slouched but not too much. I prefer Balenciaga's in a more beat up slouched look so that it kinda sorta loses its shape somewhat (which is why I'm eyeing the older season ones). I'm wondering if it will noticeably age with the sides or corners drooping down if that makes sense. Like the pic attached.

    Will my anthracite 07 eventually get this worn in looking? I'm hoping it does. :shrugs:

    note. I've only been carrying mine for just over 1 week.
  2. Patience, grasshopper! :p Well, actually, I have never seen the upper corners fold in like what seems to be going on there with Bridget's Twiggy. That pic kind of confuses me. BUT, they definitely soften up and get droopy and slouchy. I'm finding my 06 Twiggys are slowly getting their slouch on but I don't use them on a daily basis. My older ones are :drool:. It takes a while but the more you use them, the more they'll get "tenderized"!
  3. lolol!! tenderized? ok well I'll see how it goes then and will just use it ALOT to speed up the process if that's possible! I just wondered if any Twiggy owners noticed a difference over time in it getting more droopy.

    I think Bridget may have pushed the corners of hers in which I have done and it does take on that shape. But being hers is an older season, it may have just done that naturally anyway - who knows.

    Thanks for the input!!
  4. i love how the twiggy slouches, and it does "tenderize" w/ use.:roflmfao:

    btw, what color twiggy is bridget carrying?
  5. My Twiggy falls into a heap now when she isnt stuffed... it WILL happen :smile:
  6. Odd : i think is grey twiggy to me.

    Ladies, i'm not bothered by the sloughy look esp from the sides, i do have a magenta twiggy which i bought recently, the bag is not yet season or worn so the sides are not sloughy to me...but my caramel first brass get slouchy after worn but i still like the way it is and it's the nature of the bag.....cheers
  7. I have an eggplant and ink twiggy that havent been broken into yet... I too love this slouchy look so I'm looking fwd to wearing them in!
  8. my 04 rose twiggy is slouchy on the sides. yours will too in time.
  9. I forced my Truffle Twiggy into premature slouchiness by smooshing the corners down and in and massaging LMB's Ultimate Moisturizer all over it. It slouches now as much as my 05 Caramel! It only took a couple of months to get it that way,plus I was carrying it every day so that helped too. Start smooshing away! :p
  10. ^^ you crack me up Glimmer-girl!!! :roflmfao:

    p.s. i've gotta hankering for a tenderized twiggy :drool:
  11. I have a new anthracite TWIGGY as well. If you wear it using its handles more and push down on the colors, I'm sure in time it will look like the grey twiggy in the photo!

    Balenciaga leather is on the thin side, so I have not doubt that it'll conform to whatever shape you force it to.
  12. what?!!!! Ok I must get my hands on this LMB's stuff PRONTO. Is it only avail online? I need to get this to increase the slouch :graucho:
  13. Yes, only online as far as I know, at It's called the Ultimate Moisturizer. It does have a faint citrus smell to it that fades eventually, but if your nose is very sensitive it might bother you or seem strong at first. I found it to be a pleasant smell, but I know some others that have used it disliked it. It does go away though. The leather on my Truffle was very thin and kind of stiff, and after using the moisturizer it plumped up the leather and made it much smooshier. Just be sure and read directions on how to apply and don't use too much pressure on the leather when massaging it in. I also touch up the corners now and then with the product to keep them from getting dry. Good luck!!! :heart:
  14. Thanks debsmith. I'm def going to order it.
  15. My greige Twiggy collapses into a puddle when there's nothing in it. I bought if off eBay but it was in excellent condition, so I think that this style is inherently slouchy.