Twiggy or Matelasse in Calcaire: Which one would you choose?


Calcaire Twiggy or Calcaire Matelasse: Which one would you choose?

  1. Calcaire Twiggy

  2. Calcaire Matelasse

  3. Calcaire Twiggy

  4. Calcaire Matelasse

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  1. Help me decide~~ please ^_^
  2. twiggy twiggy!
  3. I vote for TWIGGY!
  4. thanks guys. i feel like everyone feels the same. hrmm...i m incline to try something different. but the twiggy bag is really pretty too.
  5. twiggy please :yes:
  6. definitely twiggy cos it's more representative of bal
  7. the matelasse is soooo pretty!
  8. i have a matellasse,but twiggy is my fav style, so TWIGGY for me!
  9. i would like the color in a twiggy, but you stated you wanted something different so go for the mat!!
  10. twiggy all the way! :yahoo:
  11. I think the matelasse is a newer style and it wasn't made in calcaire... I vote twiggy.
  12. I'm pretty sure danae is right and there is no such thing as a Calcaire Matelasse...
  13. Definitely no such thing as a calcaire matelasse - the style didn't come out til last year & calcaire is a F/W 05 colour. You could get the matelasse in this season's ivoire, but not calcaire. Sorry.
  14. twiggy for sure, i dont like the matelasse...
  15. Twiggy!