twiggy or city?!

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  1. i have a first, n now i want another bag, but should i get a twiggy r a city? please give me some reasons. thanks a bunch!
  2. I would say City! I personally don't like the Twiggy style. It's too long IMO! The City is a great average bag. It's not too big and not too small. Good Luck!
  3. City
  4. for me twiggy, city's too big!
  5. City, for me the twiggy is too long. I carry a lot of stuff and the city fits it all. Even if you don't carry that much it still looks good.
  6. by looking at the 'what u can fit' thread, i thought twiggy and city can fit the same amount of stuff.
  7. BOTH !!:yes: I don't think the twiggy is too long at all. As a matter of fact I believe it is the same length as the's just not as tall. It is very similar to an LV Denim Neo Speedy (if that helps)
  8. I have both and I LOVE both!

    So... get both:yahoo:
  9. I agree, both! :yes: I have two cities and a box, actively seeking my first twiggy. I have a Coach bag that is the same dimensions as the twiggy and I love that bag! Think the twiggy will be an awesome new addition.
  10. I like the city. You should def get that one! Let us know what you decide:yes:
  11. get both!!
  12. city
  13. i would love both!.. but i can't just get them both at once! hahaha so from wat i'm reading, the twiggy doesn't hold as much as the city? wat do u guys think? do u think a twiggy looks more similar to a first or the city does?
  14. twiggy!!!!
  15. city!!!
    twiggy is too long for me, but u have to try urself on this style :yes: