Twiggy or City??

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  1. How does twiggy compare to city? I like city shape best yet twiggy seems quite similar. Can you get the shoulder straps over your shoulder on the twiggy? I'm really considering twiggy as the classique is kind of small and city might be too big? I don't really like the box style much for me.
  2. I have a City and two Twiggys. I prefer the size of the Twiggy. Unless you carry a lot of stuff around with you the City is a bit big IMO. I find the shape of the Twiggy to be more "full."
  3. i have a black twiggy but i wish i had a black city... i think the city looks better on people than the twiggy...
  4. Danae can I ask why? Just curious...I'm short so want to make sure the twiggy will be ok. Is it because it's wider or something? I have never seen either in real life, only a classique, and I think that might be too small.
  5. For me, twiggy all the way! I like it because I think it is quirkier than the city. And you see less people carrying it.

    I'd say it really depends on how much stuff you are planning on carrying with you though. If you have items that lay flat, like papers for work, then the city is your best bet. Otherwise, the twiggy should be plenty large.

    In terms of overall size, the city is longer than the twiggy and it is also a little wider.
  6. I don't own a twiggy, but I have a city. I like the space in the city, but I do carry around a large wallet, blackberry, makeup case, sunglasses, card case. Not much, but I like the room. I'm 5'2" and think it looks just fine on me.
  7. I am a definate City girl.
  8. Kind of off topic but I had a dream about the city last night :lol:
  9. ^ Isn't it funny how we dream about bags? I do all the time...
  10. umm, i've got both and i find that both bags hold a lot.... i tend to use my city more but the twiggy is great!!!
  11. I'm tending to think the twiggy might be too wide? Kind of reminds me of the box a little. I think the city might be more of something I'd like, wish I could try them on but no such luck. I am in no man's land lol.
  12. no it's not wide at all. I love the twiggy and the medium. The twiggy is kind of like the lv speedy. I can't say which styles I prefere because they are so different. To me.. it's all about the color and the leather. Some color looks better in styles.. like seafoam twiggy and 03' red city. That's HOT:nuts:
  13. I agree with you, Maxmara. Certain styles look better in different bags. I saw the new rust color on a work bag and I didn't like it. Too much. The SA said he didn't like it much either, then he brought out a Twiggy in the rust and it was gorgeous. :love:
  14. Hmm can anyone post pics of themselves carrying the city and the twiggy? I'm trying to visualize what they look like carried on the shoulder/in hand. Thanks!
  15. Hi girls,
    Well, I think I want a twiggy or city. I'm selling my classique on eBay....just too small for me. Does the twiggy sag in the middle when you put things in it? I guess what I mean is.....does it sag down in the middle and the ends stick up because it's long? I've never seen a city in person and I'm not sure if it will be too big. I do have a Fendi Spy and LOVE it as big as a spy? The spy is probably as big as I want to go. Thanks for any input!!