twiggy or box

  1. i want to buy a black-----twiggy or box please?????
  2. Totally personal preference. If you need to carry a lot get the twiggy if not, then the box. You can fit a lot in the box and it's really cute too
  3. If you think you'll ever want to sell - the Twiggy is much more popular...something to keep in mind. Does the Box come in black, btw? I don't think I've ever seen it.
  4. One of my friend has the black box and it's gorgeous, just go for it.
  5. personally, i'll go for twigyy
    btw badbananagirl, love ur collection! :drool:
  6. You should get the black box, however, they very hard to find. if u get one buy it.
  7. i love the twiggy, i would go with that!
  8. ITA, i'm a converted box-lover & i think "Barney's" in nyc has 'em :love:
  9. I had a chance to caress a cornflower blue box at Neimans a few months ago and it was pretty roomy, IMO. The twiggy was awkard on me for some odd reason. Go for the box!
  10. yeppers, that's what i discovered too after having mine for a while...the weight isn't distributed evenly & it started hurting my back :sad:...i bought a box & fell in love with it holds almost as much as my twiggy did & it's much more comfortable on my shoulder :smile:
  11. thnx everyone ,i have waitlisted for the box and they say that quite a few people are also on the list .i have the camel in box and i love it ,it looks small but fits a lot ,i heard the box will be discontinued according to one of the threads ,i have emailed bal paris and waiting for their reply ,hope i get my black box ---desperate