twiggy on short gals

  1. can a few people show me some pics of them wearing their twiggies? i'm about 5'3'' size 0-2 so if you are around that size, can you post pics wearing twiggies? i've never seen a twiggy up close or tried one on so i'd like to know the size before i buy, because i live in columbus ohio, the city that has no stores for balenciaga :sad:. thanks :smile:
  2. I am short 5'2ish but am not as small as you...

    Heres a pic of me and my Twiggy anyway.

    The Twiggy is stuffed with sheets so it looks a lot chunkier than it would be if you only had your personal items in them.

    I've also attached a pic with my City.

    Hope this helps!
    Navy Twiggy.jpg Rouge VIF City.jpg
  3. I am 5-feet tall, size 6-8


  4. I am 5'3 and size 0-2, hopefully this is helpful.
  5. i'm 5'4" and 85 lbs.
  6. UM WOW... how amazing is that colour!!! :drool:
  7. I'm 5 feet and 98 wearing 3.5 inch heels:

  8. i'm 4 feet 11, and i cannot pull the twiggy off. short and skinny makes the bag look too wide on me. i much prefer the city size. btw i am 90 lbs.