Twiggy Lovers -- why do you like this style?


Feb 11, 2006
If you have a love or preference for the twiggy style, can you tell me why you like this shape more than the city style or any other?

I'm new to Bbags and would love to hear why you love this style.

I'm considering a twiggy for Spring 2007. My first bbag, ink shrug, is on its way to me and I don't know if I'll love it or not.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

butterfly 17

Feb 22, 2006
Hi, I am a newbie to this forum, but I have to say that I love the twiggy because it's not as long as the city and can fit the same amount of stuff into it.

I didn't want the city b/c I am not that tall and I felt the shape looked funny on me because it seemed so big, where as the twiggy is shorter, but more rectangular, so it seemed to fit me more.

I love the twiggy so much, I just got another one in Truffle.

Bridget S.

Apr 27, 2006
It's really a personal preference, but the Twiggy just jumped out at me when I saw it for the first time. The City seemed big then (it doesn't now, but it did when I first saw it.) I love the Twiggy because it is big (you can fit a ton in there), but it really doesn't look it, and it's short and wide (like me) :P

It also has a big pocket inside. I didn't even consider the City when I was shopping so I didn't look inside, then Saks had a blue one and I wanted to check the year/ date card, I could barely get my hand in the City's pocket, it was so tiny! The Twiggy's inner pocket is large enough to hold a ball point pen on it's side. That's pretty big!

I also think that the City is so popular, it's nice to have a little twist by not being the City, and the Twiggy is not as replica/ faked as the Twiggy. They *are* out there, but not as prolific as the Twiggy.

Good luck with your choice!

I wish you well,



Life is a beach
Aug 8, 2006
It's slouchy, holds a ton of stuff, love the inside pocket, it's not seen as often or faked as often, and it's smaller and I think it looks better carried by the handles than the City. I love the City too, but Twiggy is my next favorite followed by the box.


Aug 4, 2006
I like it because it's different, but still has the great looks of balenciaga. It looks great carried by both the handles and the strap, and it seems to fit the same amount of stuff as the city. Plus it has a bigger opening and it's easier to get things in and out of it.


Jul 27, 2006
does anyone find that the twiggy sags strangely if you don't put anough stuff in it? That's my main worry with the twiggy is that it would have to be very full to look right. Any thoughts?

I carry next to nothing in mine and it does sag, but I actually like the look. I don't like when it looks too structured or perfect. I guess it depends on your preference though.


Jul 21, 2006
I really like the shape and style of the first, but it just doesn't fit enough to use as an everyday bag. The city and twiggy fit everything, but I prefer the twiggy because it isn't as tall as the city. The twiggy is much more rectangular...I'm sure I'll change my mind tomorrow!!


Feb 21, 2006
i love this style because it doesnt hang as long as the city does. so when i move around with the twiggy on my arm i dont have to worry about whether the bottom of it is getting damaged. also it fits a LOT which is important to me, but it doesn't look bulky. i also just love the look haha i sound like a proud mommy