Twiggy lovers, what do you love about your Twiggy?

Mar 31, 2009
I've never seen one in real life. I have a City and a Town (and love both) and just recently stumbled on one of my holy Bal grail colors in near perfect condition at a great price. The only "catch" is that it is a Twiggy, which I hadn't considered previously. I know some of you love the Twiggy, but the Twiggy club doesn't have a ton of mod shots, and the style isn't mentioned that often. So, what do you love about it? I can see that it might be easier to carry than the City or Town, as the handle drop looks longer and like it can fit over the shoulder more easily? Great for travel, perhaps? How do you think it looks compared to your City (if you have one)? It's more casual, right? For a travel bag, I was contemplating a Day. If you happen to have a Day and Twiggy, how do they compare?



May 26, 2010
I have a twiggy! 😊 I got it as a gift and I love it. I do prefer to wear my bags crossbody so it isn't a style that I would have chosen myself. But it's very light and roomy. Here are a few photos.





Sep 21, 2006
I have a blueberry twiggy. I love it but having just got some cities, if I had it to over I would get a city. I find it easier to get in and out of the city with the way the zipper is extended on this style, and there is a reason it it is the classic that it is. It's just perfectly designed.

If it was a color I just and to have though I would go ahead and buy the twiggy


Jan 18, 2008
I love everything about it, it is small looking and can carry a ton without looking bulky. It has just right lenght of the strap. It is smooshy and looks structured but nicely slouched

unlike many other bags I own, Twiggy can easily be a casual day bag and very striking bag for evening somehow bridges those two worlds for me (maybe the colour is also a factor, amazing leather in burgundy)