Twiggy-fest in honor of a new member! Guess the colors! :-)

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  1. Here's a Twiggy "sandwich" for you to guess the colors! ;) The newest member is on top. :yahoo:



    twiggy.sw2.jpg twiggy.sw3.jpg twiggy-sw.jpg
  2. Sanguine? I am not very good with the newer colours.....sure looks yummy!

  3. Thanks for guessing! Nope, none of these babies is younger than f/w 2007 ;)
  4. OK I'll help :P

    With flash:


    Without flash:


    More guesses? ;)
    twiggies1.jpg twiggies2.jpg
  5. I am not good with colors, but WOW! Lovely collection!!
  6. bordeaux 05 wow!





  7. ^Not bad cityoflight! 2 are correct! ;)
  8. umm...think harder LoL
  9. the last one must be grenat, truffle, griege, anthra and ink???
  10. I agree with Cityoflight but only 2 correct?!

    Could the new twiggy be Grenat?
  11. need to check out your collection for the answer ;)
  12. Yes, the new one is 2006 grenat! Pre-loved and therefore broken in and smooshy. :smile:
  13. Nooooo! LOL!!!

  14. I was right!! Hurrey, LOL...what about the others?
  15. steel
    dark olive