TWIGGY FANS! Tell me why you love this style

  1. Some of you know that I've been hunting around for an Anthracite City. Well, yesterday I finally dragged my post-surgical butt off the couch and went to Barneys to look at other styles. I tried the Part-Time and Work, which are just too big on me (4'11", 90lbs.)

    And then I doubtfully tried the Twiggy. Barneys always seriously overstuffs their bags, so I took all that out and tried it with just a few things inside... and really liked the bag! So now the plan is to get an Anthra Twiggy - either the one on eBay right now if it goes for under retail or one from a store, since several of them still have this bag. I'm still a little antsy, since 1K is a lot to spend on a bag and it's a brand new style for me, so...

    Can you Twiggy-loving ladies tell me why this style appeals to you so much? Feel free to post your modeling pictures too! Especially pictures of the bag carried by the strap or messenger style - my search didn't turn up too many of those. :heart:
  2. I'm very interested as well! Having only experienced Cities and First I've been thinking about the twiggy...
  3. I like how the twiggy fits on my shoulders without having to use the strap. I also love how slouchy and unstructured it is (as long as it isn't stuffed full).
  4. This is the picture that sold me on trying out the Twiggy...


    And this is the one that made me NEED Anthracite...


    The two together will sure make a lovely bag!
  5. I am looking for a Twiggy. My first B-bag was a twiggy and I loved her. I like how the bag "stays put" when you put it down, whereas the City (which I adore) slouches all over the place (so does the Day, obviously), often redistributing the contents of the bag. I also like that I can wear the handles over my shoulder and not use the strap and I tend never to overfill a Twiggy.

    If you don't put *enough* stuff in it AND you use the strap, it tends to slouch in the middle (which my DH really likes, BTW - and I have to say that when I see it on other people, I like it too - but I have to get used to that, if I intend to use the strap). I put enough stuff in on a daily basis, though that the Twiggy holds its shape. It hits me in just the right spot, when I do use the strap, that it is very, very comfortable and doesn't hang past my waist like the City - it tucks into my waist and sort of snuggles/disappears there, whereas the City sticks out from my hip a bit - a different profile.

    The First, of course, tucks into my waist in the same way, which I love - but most days, it's too small to really be my handbag.
  6. Great question! I am very interested too with the twiggys.

    Cheshire Cat, that Hello Kitty charm is too cute!
  7. ^That Vermillion beauty and its cute charm aren't actually mine... they belong to another TPFer (although if I remember correctly, she sold it).
  8. I :heart: twiggy!

    Though my reason to buy the twiggy was because of the 'calcaire' colour, now I have to say I really like this style more than first or city :sweatdrop:

    There is something cute about the twiggy. It's not as square as the first or city.
    Cos its so roomy if you dont fill it up it just slouches, which I love :heart:

    Am I convincing enuff'? :graucho:

    Here is my pic with Calcaire :p
  9. Hmm... I have a greige twiggy... I :heart: it! its big enough to hold your everyday stuff and small enough for night time use too... it's very versatile IMO... feminine and funky at the same time depending on what you wear... this is mine... sorry I dont look decent enough right now to post modelling pics! but will try later on... you can definitely put a heap of stuff in it and I like it how you can pull the handles over your shoulders too...

    hope it helps... good luck on your decision
  10. oops sorry forgot to attach the pics! here ya go...
    DSC01148.JPG DSC01147.JPG
  11. It holds a great, great deal of stuff without looking overstuffed. I am 5'0" and another thing I love about it is that it's short. If I carried a city by hand the tassels would drag on the ground : ) I think it's such a great shape.

    You really may want to buy from a retailer so that if you don't love it, you can return it.

    I wish you well,

  12. I hoped you'd chime in, Bridget! I have the City tassel problem too, since I'm an inch shorter than you are. Your Twiggies are all so lovely!
  13. Good Lord...what's not to love about the Twiggy?! LOL!!! Casual cool, laid back, the perfect shape if you ask me. Not too boxy, not too long, not too big or small....the Twiggy to me is Perfection With Tassels! I have three (so far) and I'm sure everyone wants to vomit at this point because they've seen these photos so many times (whenever someone asks about the Twiggy I have to chime in :nuts:) but here they are again. I don't normally carry a lot of stuff in mine and they slouch so beautifully....but if I do have to carry extra stuff there is a ton of room and the bag isn't so deep that I have to dig to find my things. I use the shoulder strap as much as I do the handles (which also fit quite comfortably over the shoulder). I'm 5 feet tall and 92 lbs for size reference.
    pict0501rev.JPG metruffle2rev.JPG meandtruff2rev.jpg pict0508rev.JPG
  14. I've got the back twiggy yesterdayand It's really cool.
    Now I have to sharemy obsession to both Work and Twiggy.
    By the way the picture of red twiggy is punch me so much.
    I want it:tup:
  15. I always tell my girlfriends that TWIGGY is simply a hipper handbag than the LV speedy 25 or 30.

    The barrel shape holds all my daily essentials (not documents and other serious stuff). And the handles fit more comfortably than the CITY.

    The TWIGGY might look a bit odd at first, but I get the most use out of it. It's really one of my favorite Balenciaga styles. If you don't already own one, you should!