Twiggy discontinued?

  1. I was in Neiman's today looking for a twiggy, and when the SA did a search for the color I wanted, he said there were only 3 out there in the Neiman's inventory, and said something about them not being made anymore.
    And then I just saw Pointie's comment in the Barney's thread, about Barney's not ordering any more. :shrugs:
    Is the twiggy being discontinued? Sorry if this is a really dumb question, I'm still pretty new to Bbags.
    Thanks a bunch!
  2. I hope not else I will have to go into mourning. :death:
  3. It's possible that Neiman's just didn't buy the twiggy this season and the upcoming season. I know they are not buying any Weekenders with regular hardware. Much of their budget went to the Giant Hardware collection.
  4. Someone did mention in another thread that the twiggy was Balenciaga's 2nd or 3rd best selling style, so I think it is unlikely.
  5. Yeah, I can't imagine it being discontinued, as it seems like a pretty well loved style. And I didn't think too much of it after my experience at NM, but then when I read Barney's won't be ordering it again, it just seemed a little weird.
  6. Neimans may not have bought the color you want in the Twiggy. I know they didn't get many firsts either in the new colors.
  7. It seems like thse rumors pop up often. I remember it coming up last year but Twiggy is still going strong! :rochard:
  8. As far i know, i don't think twiggy style is discontinued probably it's jus that they did not order that colors for this season!!!
  9. DMF, it's not discontinued:yes: It's available for the A/W 07 collection!!