twiggy / city side by side help =)

  1. i would search for this but can't seem to use the search feature right now..but i really want my very first balenciaga bag but can't decide between city and twiggy..i really think i like the city but there is a twiggy in rouge vermillion that i keep staring it for the color..and would love to know if anyone has sidebyside pics that i can compare what they look like next to each other..and even if you have pics of them on sidebyside would be awesome..sorry if this is a stupid post..thanks so much!!
  2. Not a stupid post at all!

    Here is a Rouge Vif City and Navy Twiggy side by side (previously owned by me)

    I included pics with a Coin Purse for comparison also. IMO the Twiggy holds just as much as the City and I LOVE the size and shape!

    Hope this helps

    100_1680.jpg 100_1681.jpg Coin Purse & City.jpg Coin Purse & Twiggy.jpg
  3. are awesome..thank you for those pics! they are both beautiful! this is getting harder to decide!!!
  4. No probs. Good luck with your decision!
  5. I hope this helps too..

  6. I just started using my first Twiggy..... I love her, I'd say go Twiggy :yahoo:
  7. ^^^ Really helpful pics, all of them! Thanks.
  8. Your VIF city and BI (is it rite? :nuts:) are gorgeous Fashion!:drool:
  9. I love both but the twiggy is more unique and looks great once its broken in:

  10. Here's a couple more comparisons...both worn with shoulder strap. Truffle Twiggy and Black City.

    meandtruff2.jpg IMG_0321.JPG
  11. I had similar dilemma so went to try the bags on in Harvey Nichols. I am 5'8" and about 9 stones, and the twiggy looked a bit long in length on me - I much preferred how the City looked, with and without the strap. IMO, the City is a classic Balenciaga bag and will always remain a classic. I also donot like how the twiggy looks with the strap, I have a Box and that does the same thing and i don't like it so never wear the strap......
  12. I had 2 Twiggy's and just didn't like the way they gaped open whenever I put them down (I never zip my bags, so everything spills out) so I had to let them go. I think the City is a great size and it fits everything that I need to carry and when I set them down, all my things stay inside and the softer it gets the cooler they look!:tup:
  13. thanks everyone!! I really appreciate how sweet everyone is to help a Newbie like me learn. I had the same feeling about the twiggy looking too long that is why I hesitate on getting it. I love really big bags so maybe the city is for me.
  14. :love: ahhhhhhh Twiggy--- what a beautifully crafted bag!
  15. Here's my Noir Twiggy and Ivory City...