Twiggy/City Dilemma!!! Quick!!!

  1. Hey everyone,

    So I am lucky enough to purchase 2 bbags at once to get a little deal, but here is my dilemma:

    -I decided the colours I liked best for the season are cornflower & ink
    -The styles I want are City & Twiggy

    But should I get the INK CITY & CORNFLOWER TWIGGY.....or......CORNFLOWER CITY & INK TWIGGY???

    Currently my collection is:
    -black first
    -seafoam first
    -camel work
    -ice blue ghost
    -magenta pochette
    -turquoise 04 mini motorcycle.

    .......Therefore: Which combination would make most sense to get???

    Thank you:flowers:
  2. my votes are for the ink city & cornflower twiggy :smile:
  3. Ink City, Cornflower twiggy.
  4. completely agree with the two ladies above- ink city and cornflower twiggy. that's what i'm going to do- hehe, already have the city, and the twiggy will be mine soon!!!
  5. yippy, i'm so excited for you ReesPiece & kattiepie :flowers:
  6. i agree! ink city, cornflower twiggy :biggrin:
  7. Get the ink city! I love mine! ReesPiece what's your favourite colour so far in your collection?
  8. Hmmm, I'm actually surprised no one voted the other way!

    I was leaning towards the cornflower City because I wanted a big bright bag. My only other big bags are the camel Work & black Chloe Betty. I just figured the ink city would be too much darkness.....but I still love the ink colour and it is beautiful in the twiggy.

    I am buying from Erica @ hgbags on Ebay, in case anyone was wondering.
  9. Here are pics:
    CornflowerCity.jpg InkTwiggy.jpg
  10. those are beautiful as well. conflower city and ink twiggy then
  11. If you already have dark coloured bags then yeh get the cornflower city :yes: and the ink twiggy! They are both just as nice :heart:
  13. I had a cornflower city and returned it - it'd be better in the twiggy IMO - good luck! :smile:
  14. Ahhh I say Cornflower City and Ink Twiggy :P I too am surprised that there are very few votes for that combo :noworry:
  15. Twiggy in ink and City in Cornflower blue