Twiggy Bag Discountinued?

  1. I was at Barney's in BH yesterday and the SA told me they discontinued the Twiggy and Box bags. Has anyone else heard this rumor?
  2. Definitely not. We heard the rumor that the Box might be discontinued but that (I believe) was untrue. Maybe Barney's is not going to carry them anymore? When did they/are they going to supposedely discontinue them?
  3. I just called Barneys BH so they could check their stock for something for me and I asked and they said they got official word that the Twiggy and Box are being discontinued. They will NOT be in the Spring line. But maybe someone should call Balny and double check. I dont own any Twiggys but from what I see on here, its a favorite bag with you girls.
  4. Barney's and NM both had told me that it was going to be discontinued after Spring collection. :sad: I had called BalNY but they did not tell me definite yes or no, the answer was "we don't know yet".:shrugs:
  5. Hi All, the Twiggy is definitely going to be available for next Spring, but I'm pretty sure the box is not.
  6. BH said today that THEY are not ordering box or twiggy. Joseph says it is still in the line. BH doesn't know anything. Every SA has a different story, and they aren't versed in the line at all.
    I believe they are not ordering it, but I believe Joseph if HE says its still in.

    Maybe that story will change too.
  7. The box is not in the spring line list, but the twiggy is. Whether individual stores will order it is a different story, but it's there to be ordered... The purse is also gone from the list.
  8. Oh I will miss the purse! (though I don't even have one)
  9. omg, you guys scared me... i was counting on the twiggy still being around in the future!!
  10. i am sure the twiggy is not because the sa told me that it was used on the runway and it is becoming the popular style
  11. Ya. The twiggy is like the kelly to Hermes !

    They will be mad to discontinue it :rolleyes:
  12. what is up with the discontinuing? :blah:
    they should make more styles, not discontinue the ones we love! RIP, lovely purse and box...:tender: