Twiggy and City owners

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  1. Is it easier to keep your item organized in your twiggy or city?

    I am curious because I am anal about keeping my bag organized. I love the day, but I would hate to have to dig around my bag just to find something.

    So, would you say you are able to keep your items organized in your twiggy or your city?

  2. Well i want to say since Twiggy is smaller, may be you can do better with but then again it depends how much stuff you carry with you.:smile:
  3. I think the shallowness of the twiggy helps keep your bag organized a bit better. Deep bags only lend to reaching in and fumbling around to find something. Shallow bags like the Twiggy and the Part-Time make it harder for your effects to be fact, the shallowness forces your things to be lined up next to each other, rather than stacked.
  4. I carry my planner, journal, wallet, keys, cell and make up bag. Sometimes a digital camera.
  5. It was always easy to find things in my twiggy and my Parttime is even better. The city, because it is taller and more narrow tends to be harder to fnd things in.
  6. I have a city and a twiggy, I agree with the others that it is easier to find things in the twiggy b/c it is more shallow! That being said, it is not bad to find things in the city though...
  7. In terms of size, both fit my needs about the same. I prefer the twiggy for daily use. However, when I put them side by side, I cannot help, but prefer the overall shape of the CITY better. Twiggy is a bit like a log (but vibrant colors look really cool in a twiggy).

    Depending on how you hold your twiggy, you may need a divider because it's on the wide side. And if you put a lot of stuff in, and wear it by the shoulder straps, then the twiggy shape becomes a fortune cookie, and all your stuff would be in the middle, allover each other.

    THe CITY is simple enough. It's a regular sized rectangle. When you open the bag, everything is in sight and obvious.

    All in all, I like both bags. If you have one, get the other for different flavor.
  8. I had 2 cities and let them go. I prefer my twiggy cause things are closer to the top - less shallow bag. but now I'm in the process of obtaining a day bag so I guess it will be back to digging for stuff but I like the look of the day over the city. I know...I'm rambling...
  9. It's easier to organize a twiggy than a city . The form of the twiggy is more appropriate to keep your struff in place.
  10. i agree with the majority here....BUT the boxiness of the city as opposed to the twiggy is helpful to stay organized!
  11. I 2nd this :yes: I gave up both my twiggys. I still had to go from left to right to find what I wanted a little. I just prefer the shape of the city which is not as deep as you might think....
  12. The more pictures I see, the more I fall in love with the day as well. I am just not a shoulder bag type of girl, but I LOVE the style and the way it looks. I am considering that one too. Now I know why so many of you have more than one or two bags. Really, you cant go wrong!
  13. I 3rd the City! I adore my Twiggys but damn it's like my stuff rolls around in there or something. City is much easier to find what I'm looking for, everything stays put.
  14. You should take a look at the "Whats IN your BBag" thread - you may get some idea from peoples photos on there. There are a lot of Twiggys and Citys on there showing how much stuff you can get in them.
  15. I will do that, thanks!!