Twiggy and Blue India news...............

  1. According to Baleciaga NY Twiggy is not being discontinued or at least they have not heard that. ..........and they have blue India in the Twiggy. :yahoo: They just got them in today. They still say no green tone at all, a smokey teal blue. But teal has some green?:shrugs:
  2. Thanks for the info. By any chance did you ask when they expect to get the BI city bags in?
  3. I didn't speak with her, my Mom did and I am not sure if she asked that or not. If she did and got an ETA I will post it here.:smile: I was more interested in the info she gave me that a caramel City is on it's way for me. :yahoo:
  4. Hehe... I know, mine will be here in the morning! I was trying to contain my news until I had pics but I am about to explode!!!!!!!!! Since Joseph is on vacation, Liz picked my bag (love her). She said the color looks JUST like the pic on the Balenciaga site. This notion makes me want to jump for joy!

    Cilla, they got Cities too! I'm 90% sure I asked her.. lol... and she said they just got them.
  5. I recently saw BI in person and was looking on the website today at the BI bag -- I agree that it looks the same. I may have to call Daphne tomorrow to check on cities.
  6. Thanks Glimmer!:smile:
  7. :yahoo: glimmer how sneaky of you. :graucho: Post lots of pictures so we can finally see what color this darn thing really is.:yes:
  8. i totally LOVE the twiggy style for some reason i just think its ROCKING!!! :supacool:
  9. I saw BI in the First and Work irl; they look like the picture on the website. I am getting the Twiggy in BI from LVR. Should be here soon!
  10. OMG, it's here. It's GORGEOUS! I'm horribly busy at work at the moment but I'll post pics as soon as I can!!!!!!
  11. I called BalNY today. Daphne was not in, but whoever I spoke with said they do not have any BI cities or day bags yet.