Twiggy 08...saddle or black cherry????

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  1. Love this forum...& the twiggy now,i need some advice regarding colour. I just cant decide between the new saddle 08 & the black cherry!! please help me!? Also comparison photos would be lovely!! thanks!:yes:
  2. I like the black cherry!
  3. black cherry for me too.
  4. I like the black cherry...
  5. black cherry
  6. Black Cherry !!
  7. saddle. i dont like *dark* colors on twiggys...
  8. Black Cherry!!!:yes:
  9. saddle for me! for sure. it can be perfectly combined with almost everyrhing.
  10. for each hand!!!!
  11. Saddle!!!
  12. black cherry
  13. Among the two, I will choose Black Cherry.
  14. Saddle - I think the colour goes with everything!
  15. Saddle.