Twice the charm??

  1. OK my question to all of you fabulous ladies is this:

    what are your thoughts on having 2 of the same style of bag, but different patterns/sizes? Especially if you only have two LV bags (not like some of you lucky ducks who have mmmmmmmmmmaaaaaannnnnnny!):P

    I have posted a thread before on this, but I am really having a hard time deciding between the damier speedy 30 and the saleya gm. At first, I was leaning toward the Saleya b/c I like how it fits on your shoulder. However, I am not sure if I like the zipper. I love the bag, but I am not sure if I love it soooo much more than the speedy especially since the saleya is 2x the price.:sad: But I already have a Mono Speedy 35 (my first and only LV piece). Would it be dumb to have both of your LVs be speedys?? Heeeellllllllppppp!!!:wtf: :shrugs: :shrugs:

    PS--for all of you who have already read about my dilemma on another thread, I apologize!:angel: :shame:
  2. Thats what I was thinking to ask!

    haha I think like the same bag in different patterns/colors are ok!

    The same bag in a different size is ok too. BUT I dont see the point in having a Mono Speedy 25, and a Mono Speedy 30. But hey thats not me.

    BUTTTT I would have a Manhattan PM & GM, one as a hand held, other as a shoulder. I think as long as theres a difference its ok. ie Lodge PM & GM, Hudson PM & GM, Baggy PM & GM etc.
  3. Lol..I have a lot of multiples..9 pochettes in different patterns, 5 Speedies in different patterns etc.
    I think it's fine! If you really love the pattern/style, there should be no reason why you shouldn't get the same thing again. It's what you love :smile:
  4. LOL thanks guys...I just looked at the visual aides thread and someone was modeling the makes my heart flutter the way Channing Tatum does! LOL

    I love the damier speedy 30 so much too but I only want 1 damier piece, and I know if I get the speedy I will be mad at myself for making the *safe* choice.

    BTW LVBabydoll how is Del Mar treating you? I was just in La Jolla before the whole CA heat wave hit:sad:

    I am drooooooooling over your vernis porte tresor int. wallet in your pics!!! GORGEOUS!!
  5. Lol thanks!
    And it's nice cooled off really nicely. I'm not a big heat person so I'm enjoying the cooler nights. It's just warm enough in the daytime so I can swim, but not too warm that I don't feel like doing ANYthing.
    And the La Jolla area is nice..there are a couple of boutiques I like on Girard Ave..which part did you go to?
  6. Kind of hung out close to the beach...the southern part kinda closer to Mission Beach. Like where Mission Blvd kinda keep to the left and go onto La Jolla Blvd I think??

    I loooove some of the stores on Girard, and just La Jolla shopping in general!! There is the CUTEST doggie boutique called Muttropolis!!!

    I must admit though while my family and fiancee were at the beach, my sister and I were at Fashion Valley!! LOL
  7. I saw Channing Tatums name, and my heart melted!

    I think, he is the first celeb I ever went crazy for.
  8. LOL he is sooooooooo gorgeous!!! I seriously can't even stand it. I think he is the hottest, next to James Franco.:winkiss::heart::heart::love:
  9. I don't think there is anything wrong with it!
    I love my BV...and I have on my list to buy the BH and the regular batignolles.
    I also have a couple speedys in different patterns and a bunch of pochettes too.
    I also see nothing wrong with having a speedy 25, 30 & 35. Some days you need a bigger one and some days a smaller one.
  10. As long as you use both, there is nothing wrong in having more than one of the same style.:yes:
  11. Here are many members w/ more than 1 Speedy, I think it's great. If you love Speedy's, why not getting one from every line? :P
  12. I love Speedys and would absolutely rationalize getting more than one!
  13. I don't think there is anything wrong with having multiple bags of the same style. I'm obsessed with speedys and I currently trying to collect one from each line. I say if you love the style, go for it!
  14. I've got two Speedy 25's - Damier and Cerises. It's a great size and shape, but they are such different bags...I could certainly see getting a Graffiti one someday too. Nothing wrong with being a collector!
  15. Oh, I totally love this three bags that you mentioned..! :love: Yea, I wish to own all three too, nothing worng with that... :P

    I already have a speedy 30 and think of getting a 25 someday. Even with the same style, their sizes make them totally different in a way... :P

    Anyway, just follow your heart! Totally go with the one you love... :smile: