Twice or Trio?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm looking into buying my first designer bag and wanted a crossbody and something versatile as it is what works for my lifestyle. I was thinking of either the Louis Vuitton Twice or the Celine Trio.

    Please help me choose and if you have any other suggestions of anything similar, please let me know.

    Thank you :biggrin:
  2. Trio for sure!!! Just googled LV twice (never heard of it before) and find the trio more stylish. I have a large size in my collection and love it! Even better in a vibrant colour
  3. Thank you! Will definitely look at it in person. What do you think is a good versatile color?
  4. Trio for sure!
  5. I got a large trio on vibrant blue (and i LOVE IT) 'casue to me that color goes very well with many things, you might want to look for it on maybe on a sand/taupe color.
  6. I have a taupe Twice bag in empreinte and I love it. It's my daily/errands bag. The sueded interior feels so luxurious. For looks, it's not the most stylish but I love the functionality of the middle pocket that I can slide my cell phone in.

    I don't have the trio, but I have a bag from Aritzia by Auxiliary called the Calisch that has three sections and a full flap. They also had a style Romeyn that looks similar to the trio. It's not on their site now but they may bring it back. Might be a good alternative if u didn't want to spend money on Trio, but still want understated Tri zip bag.
  7. Trio!! :rochard::rochard: