Twice Empreinte Question

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  1. Hi. I'm new to TPF and not sure I'm posting this in the right place...sorry if I'm not. I just bought the Twice in Denim Empreinte. It's a great bag. I do have a concern with the strap and how it's attached to the bag. Has anyone had issues with the strap ripping or coming apart from the bag?
  2. I've had my empreinte noir Twice for almost a year and I have not had any issues with the strap. Whenever I use mine, I carry my essentials in it (usually my iPhone 6, ZCP, 6 key holder, sunglasses, lipstick, and a couple other miscellaneous items) so it's full but not crazy heavy.
  3. I have the mono/noir and no issues at all with the strap. Enjoy yours in good health!!
  4. It shouldn't be an issue as the size of the bag doesn't allow many and or heavy things.
  5. Thank you so much!!!
  6. Thank you! Enjoy yours, as well.
  7. That's a good point but it does hold a lot more than you'd think. I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you!
  8. congrats on your Denim Twice -- love the color! I have the Taupe Twice and have had no problems with the strap.....
  9. I have it in noir and so far so good!
  10. I have 3. No issues here.