Twice - black/mono combo discontinued?

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  1. The SA at my local LV mentioned that the twice in the black/mono combo is out of stock in the US - and is being discontinued. Has anyone else heard this?
  2. I would hope not! This is my favorite small crossbody lately!! It matches everything, has compartments, and is worry free.
  3. Yes- I agree - the SA said they were very surprised when they heard. But the red/canvas and empriente versions are not being discontinued - just the black/canvas
  4. Oh wow I would think that would be a pretty popular combo. I have one and I haven't been too happy with it because the flap got all these strange white marks on it and I have no idea how or why but I plan on taking it to LV next week to show my sa.

  5. Oh no! Please let me know when you find out. I love mine. I hope that doesn't happen
  6. I have the black and mono combo. Everyone can use that one!
  7. Its so strange. I just got it in December and have used maybe a total of 10 times definitely no more than that. The first time I noticed I thought I had something on my hands and I just didn't notice so I got a towel put water on it and wiped it off, it looked better but when it dried the spot was there still. Well after that I put it away didn't use it for a couple weeks and then when I took it out I noticed a long white streak going down the middle. Since noticing the streak I also noticed a white spot on the other side of the bag. I emailed LV client services and they said this is not normal so I will see what the SA says when I show them if I do go ahead and bring it in.
  8. Please let us know what they say - good luck.

  9. Definitely take it in. It sounds kind of like the Chanel mold (a random white substance that appears on some of the lambskin bags that they are aware of). Weird...
  10. Out of stock??? I just saw it today at the Austin LV
  11. I wonder if that was a return - I called customer service yesterday and they said it was out of stock in the US.
  12. Was this combo definitely discontinued?? (noir/mono canvas)