1. Anyone deal with this eBay seller? Still waiting for a response to two eMails.........:shrugs:
  2. The title got me all excited!!

    DD loves the 12 dancing princesses and a thought H had come out with a scarf or a little something......

    Sorry your having problems S'mom, hope it works out soon. I have not any dealings with this seller before.
  3. It must be the planets allignment or something......having a small rash of eBay issues lately. First the Saga-of-the-Fake-Sleeper which actually turned out just fine....but now I'm having an uneasy feeling about the dancing princesses here......
  4. Good news....seller just eMailed me and had been out of town. My pretty little something will be on its way to me on Monday.

  5. What little something :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :P :P :P
  6. Phew!!