Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Polka dot top

  1. Very cute. I'm way too old for that top, but I think it would look very nice on a younger, smaller woman than myself.

    I hope you buy it!
  2. I love her shoes.
  3. very precious
  4. I like it but can get such a top in Zara, Mango or another highstreet store for less than $60!
  5. I think its cute, but slightly overpriced. This type of top can be bought for less. I would save my money for something else :smile:
  6. Yes, it's cute but too expensive. If you like polka dots, how about something cheaper like this (made of silk polyester):


    Can be worn day or night. Can be worn with jeans, or layered, or with a skirt.

    $48 plus shipping