Tweezerman Tweezers?

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  1. I'm very curious about people's reviews for Tweezerman's tweezers. I'm thinking about a pair of the mini slants but $12-15 is a lot of money for a pair of tweezers especially if they aren't wonderful. I tend to get stubborn hairs or hairs that are really close to the skin. Also what do you think of the size of the mini, too small or just right? Do they tend to break the hair before pulling it out?

    So please share your Tweezerman stories good and bad so I can decide.
  2. I have a regular sized Tweezerman. I love it. Mine has pretty roses on them. I have stubborn brows that want to grow back fast, these make it easy to tweeze. I don't think I've had a problem with them breaking the hair first.

    And yes, I was very apprehensive of the price (the full size are $25) but for me, it was worth it.
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    I have both a mini and a regular. I prefer the regular b/c I think it grips the hair better. BBB and Ulta both carry Tweerzerman tweezers and coupons for both stores are pretty easy to come by. It's def worth the $$.
  4. Yup, I prefer the regular too. I think it's worth it to spend more money on the regular. Tweezerman is what my cosmetician uses, and I trust her opinion. Once you try tweezerman, you can't go back to other tweezers! Read some reviews on if you want more opinions!
  5. I bought the pink petite set from Sephora that came with the slanted tip and pointed tip tweezers. I prefer smaller sized tweezers because they're easier for me to handle and carry around in my makeup bag. I really didn't want to shell out a lot of money for tweezers, but I found myself always buying new pairs of the cheapy ones because they get dull or bent so I figured the F&F sale was the perfect time to buy Tweezerman. Now I think they're totally worth the money. I did notice they were breaking my hair before they were pulling them out during the first couple of weeks, but they don't anymore after they had a chance to dull a bit. I guess the tip was too sharp and they were cutting my hair. I also noticed that happening with the ELF tweezers.
  6. i was able to snag a mini on clearance and i absolutely LOVE it. it gets the hairs that i didn't even know were there. it's definitely worth the price.
  7. i use the regular and its well worth the price. it's lifetime free sharpening too which is good albeit i haven't used the service yet and its been well over 2.5 years since I've had mine. makes brow taming a lot easier
  8. My mom has a Tweezerman tweezer and I prefer the tweezers from Anastasia of Beverly Hills.
  9. i have 2 sets of tweezers (tweezerman) and each set has a slant pair and a pointie pair. i love them and i am psycho crazy about tweezers. the best ones i ever owned were gold plated from a pharmacy in dublin, ireland. they have lasted for 10 years and i recently misplaced them, so i got the tweezermans.
  10. I get my eyebrows threaded and they have a beautiful arch, but I love tweezerman tweezers.. they are worth every penny for those small stubborn hairs!
  11. Totally agree with all of this ! I get my brows threaded, but in those in between times, out comes the tweezerman !
  12. I'm currently using Tweezerman mini. I was hesitant with the price at first, but it's definitely a good investment. I've had mine for a year and a half now and it's still very good! It doesn't break the hair and does the job right!
  13. Lots of good reviews I see. The most I've spent before was I believe $5 from Avon. They are good tweezers but I see a hair and they just keep slipping on it. So that's what got me thinking about Tweezerman. has a pair of minis for 10.99 with free shipping. I like the idea of Bed Bath and Beyond too though. Hmm I'm going to have to do more searching but you ladies are convincing me that they are a good investment. :cool:
  14. Ok double post sorry but I just caved and ordered a pair of mini slants in Green Tea for 10.99+.95(stupid tax) with free shipping. I figured I'll try the mini first because it's cheaper and the mini might actually be better for me (I wear glasses and to tweeze my brows I have to get real close to the mirror in order to see without my glasses. Shorter tweezer means I can get closer)

    Yay I'm excited. :wlae:
  15. Congrats! You will love them! I have the mini and the regular sized ones, and I love them.