Tweezerman Tweezers

  1. Has anyone sent their Tweezerman tweezers to be sharpened? On the case, it says that they will sharpen dull tweezers for free if you send it to an address in Houston, Texas. Just wondering how well this has worked for others before I send mine in.
  2. NO, I just bought a pair so they are brand new.
  3. Thanks for this thread... I have to send mine to get sharpened but I guess it will be easier to buy a new one :shrugs:
  4. I have 5 pairs. I send them in every few months. I usually send them with out the plastic cover and thy always come back with a plastic tip covering the tip and in a case! Great customer service!
  5. Thanks Sunshine. Having a back up pair while one is getting sharpened is a great idea! How long does it usually take to get it back after you send it to them?
  6. I love these tweezers but I always just buy new!
  7. iv had mine sharpened a few times. i live in the UK and it takes just over 1 week but i imagine it wont take very long if you live in the US. before you send them try cleaning them with nail varnish remover. they mght just be dirty and the varnish remover takes off any grease or make up.
  8. Ohhh I didn't know you could send them in for sharpening. Although like they said before, it might just be quicker to buy new ones, especially here in Mexico where the postal service takes practically forever to deliver anything.
  9. It usually takes about 10 days...
  10. I have to do this. I'm always too lazy and end up buying a new pair. The money i could have saved over the years...
  11. Wow, if you don't mind me asking, approximately when are we supposed to send in the tweezers for resharpening? TIA!
  12. can you pls post an adress sunshine tia :smile:
    235 Blue Bell Road
    Houston, TX 77037

    It says to send the tweezers INSURED in a padded mailer with your name, address, and phone number.
  14. ohh I just came upon this, I bought my first tweezerman today but I will be sure not to throw them out once they are dull, thanks!
  15. Thanks for posting the address! I have a pair I'd like to send in. I actually totally forgot you could do that with them.