Tweezerman tweezers $2.99!

  1. I stopped at my nearby Sally's Beauty Supply, and they had the small tweezerman tweezers for $2.99! They had them in the cutest colors, and black. The cashier said it was a special promo this month.
  2. Thanks for posting.
  3. Now I can have a pair in every drawer of my home and all of my purses!!
  4. ohh wow. i hope this promotion is in EVERY sallys in the states! its a must to stop in very soon >_<
    thanks for the post!
  5. Are you referring to the mini tweezermans? No Sally's in Manhattan :sad:
  6. oh sweet! I'm gonna go today and check it out
  7. Thanks Melissa71! I got one for my DH so he won't steal mine!
  8. Yes, they're the "tweezerette" version. They're not too much smaller than the other pair I have, I was really surprised at how inexpensive they were. I'm sorry there aren't any Sally's near you. :o(
  9. LOL I bought pink ones so DH won't steal mine, but I did buy a black one for him.
  10. oh my, thats funny.. i went in today to pick some up and ended up getting pink for myself and black for my mother! she always takes it and leaves it in her makeup bag. argh!

    once again, thanks for this post! they actually had a few. i went into sephora not too long ago looking for one, but i didnt want to fork over over 15 bucks for one.
  11. Thanks for posting this! I really need another pair for when I send my regular size tweezerman for free sharpening. At this price I can keep a pair in my purse, an extra at home and one for my travel bag. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Got 3!
  13. Thanks a bunch! I only picked up 2 pair! I wanted several, but felt kind of greedy. teehee. I'll go back in a day or two!:yes:
  14. Does anyone know if the Sally stores in Southern California are doing this promotion? I stopped by my local store and they had no idea what I was talking about... :sad:
  15. I went yesterday and there were only 4 left in the store. I bought all 4!! I felt a little greedy but oh well.