Tweed pink bag opinion please

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  1. Hi everyone, I just got this tweed pink bag from my DH and she is my first tweed bag. I never have the tweed bag with such a pop color like this before. All my bags are one single color and I really have no idea what to wear with this bag or should I just change to the other bag? Please guide me, thank you very much :smile:

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  2. What is your wardrobe like? Do you wear solid colors that would go with this bag? I love the colors as I have some RTW that goes with this bag, but you need to find what you would wear with it. It would go well with whites, pinks, oranges, blues, yellows, etc. It just really depends on you and your style. Tweed bags are fun, just realize they won't go with as much as solid colored bags, but they can be worked into a wardrobe nicely if you just look at what you have, look at a color wheel, and figure out what colors work with which other colors. I'm planning to wear the RTW with solids and prints, and with white/black/yellow/orange bags for starters. It's a fun, bright bag. Chanel is famous for their tweed bags, but again, look at your style, your wardrobe and how it works with all of that. Very sweet of your DH to pick this for you! Congrats. It will really pop with say, jeans and a white/black/pink/yellow/orange top (and many others). :smile:
  3. If you have a bunch of other Chanel bags why not keep it for something different!
  4. Thank you tutu for your advice. I do have a lot of solid color tops in my closet. Wearing with jeans is what I definitely will do. You did give me the picture how chic it would be. I do appreciate your help. Many thanks!!! :biggrin:

  5. Congrats! This is such a gorgeous tweed flap. I saw it IRL the other day and it really caught my eye. I think this can go with lots of different colors and you can wear with jeans and a tee, shirt and dress pants, dresses, etc...
  6. I also saw it in person a week ago and it really stuck out!!! My sister wanted it soooo badly-- it's so beautiful! I vote keep ;)
  7. I think it's very cute but very bold at the same time. So it has to bra bag that candiru your wardrobe
  8. Would I change out this bag?
    Never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never, never!
    This bag is GORGEOUS! I love Chanel tweed bags.
    Dressed up, you can wear this with, pink, of course, browns, tans, blacks, blues, greys, white, even green. It would also look absolutely fabulous with just jeans and a T-shirt.
    Of course it's up to you, but play around with it with things in your closet.
    And don't be afraid to wear this with prints as well.
  9. It's very pretty!
  10. I have a tweed classic and while mine is cute, I rarely use it because of the delicate nature of the fabric. I wish to this day that it was leather. I think if you have other classic flaps and are aware of the delicate nature of the bag, it's fine. It's a pretty color but if you think it would be hard to wear then maybe switch to another one. Just my two cents.
  11. I saw this bag the other day and it is gorgeous, it's a keeper.