Tweed or Leather??


Do you prefer this bag in leather (vintage calfskin) or tweed?

  1. leather (vintage calfskin)

  2. tweed

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  1. Ok, you gotta help me out with this, the bag I have been cravig about...the PNY bag, well, the leather one is not in store yet but I saw this tweed one and since there are only 2 in store, I bought one just yesterday........though I am so not sure, tweed? Or leather? Tweed is so seasonal is really hot in LA and this bag just make me feels hotter as I am looking at it now.....HELP!!! Should I be patient and wait for the leather one that can be used all year long? The tweed is $150 cheaper than the leather one....Please let me know what you gals think!! Tweed is $2545, Calfskin (with stamping makes it look like allegator) is $2695. The black one is a pic from

    The color combination of the tweed is beautiful. I love that lavender tone. But tweed is too seasonal, can only be used during F/W here in southern CA. And the price difference is only $150, that makes me think the leather one is more "reasonable."
    DSC01651.JPG DSC01652.JPG Paris-New York Pleated Pouch Black 1.JPG
  2. hikarupanda, Although this bag is pretty, I would personally go for the leather for longevity; I'm pragmatic that way. It's a little pricey for tweed IMHO.
  3. That is so how I feel!!!
  4. ;) Perhaps you might want to wait for the leather in black or gray then, trust your gut instinct hikarupanda.
  5. I know! I guess I am going back to return today, my god, just touching that tweed makes me feel so hot, it's so HOT in LA, damn! I guess I am just not in the mood to buy a tweed bag during this hot summertime!!! :lol:
  6. :lol: You're funny. ^

    It's hot everywhere I think, the planet is burning up...thanks to global warming.
  7. good choice..did u return it?? the black is much nicer for sure.. i want to know did the tweed come in another color?
  8. i was gonna say leather, but looking at the pics, i prefer tweed with this style. but then after i saw the price, i'm back on leather... :P
  9. That bag in black leather is gorgeous! For only $150 more, definitely wait for the leather!! It will last forever, while the tweed will not hold up as well.
  10. I agree: tweed is cute, but lether is more classic and will last much longer. Besides, you can wear leather all year long, where tweed is more of a sping/fall fabric.
  11. I definitely love the leather more!!!! I would wait!
  12. I actually quite like this bag in tweed. Tweed is a classic trademark "pattern" of the house of Chanel, so in this case, I would say that the tweed is just as timeless as the leather. Furthermore, I think that you can use the bag more seasons out of the year rather than just during the winter, like fall and spring, when it's still kind of chilly sometimes.

    Both are timeless bags. The black leather, you may be able to wear more seasons out of the year, but that's because it's black and matches everything. There's seasonal pastel-colored bags that I only break out during the summer, so there's nothing wrong with following the same thinking and get a bag that's for the colder months. I think that you should get whichever one appeals to you more.
  13. I would get the leather. It is absolutely gorgeous. Think of all the clothes that you could put with the black one.
  14. Just an update for everyone, I did return that tweed bag. And yes, there's another tweed pattern for the same bag, that tweed is black and silver only. Not as special and nice as the one I bought.

    But I did return the tweed. In Southern CA even it's winter time is not icy cold, so I will stick with leather. And I also heard that tweed will get furry with wear. So I guess I will get a tweed bag only when it's on sale.
  15. ^ Good choice! While the tweed was gorgeous, you would definitely get more wear out of the leather. I also like how the leather is made to look exotic.