tweed hobo!!

  1. so i just special ordered a midnight soho tweed hobo about...five minutes ago. ah the euphoria of a new coach buy. anyway, the SA told me there were only 43 left and that their store (rockaway nj) wasnt even going to get any of them. i'll post pictures when it arrives! does anyone know about how long it takes for specially ordered bags to arrive?
  2. Anytime the store has ordered them for me I've had them within a few days. And they come beautifully boxed with a red ribbon.
  3. Awww, yay, I'm glad you got it! Can't wait to see pics, it really is better looking IRL.
  4. Wooo! Congrats! Post pics when you get it, can't wait to see what it looks like outside of the catalog.
  5. i never saw it in person, i hope it's as good as i'm expecting it to be...i can't begin to describe the let-down it would be if i ended up not liking it
  6. They automatically enter it for 3 days shipping...But, if you have a reason they can ship overnight for no charge. When I went & ordered my ladybug hobo (my 1st Coach) they weren't selling them in stores anymore so the lady said she could have it delivered to my house but it would take 3 days I told her I was leaving for vacation in 2 & I really didn't want my package to be sitting outside for a week, so they overnighted it. So, nice!

    I can't wait to see your tweed hobo..I really want the pumps!
  7. ^^ Yeah, the phone service people seem to have a lot of autonomy and can make judgement calls. When I ordered a replacement strap for my mom's bag the total was something like $35, and any order over $30 has the more costly shipping. The lady on the phone switched me back down to $4 shipping because she thought it was silly to charge me the $8 fee when I was only a few dollars over the cutoff. I didn't even ask for it, she just did it herself. Not too shabby!
  8. Good point! My mom had one of the signature stripe swingpacks and it started fraying...we happened to be by a coach store the day she spotted it so they ordered her a replacment and shipped it overnight.
  9. I went and ordered the midnight tweed soho hobo and the matching wristlet today from my Coach store! I was just going to order the wristlet, but when the SA at my store also said she didn't think they would get any in, I went ahead and ordered. I'll post pictures also when I get them.