Tweed Flaps: I want to know everything & anything about them!

  1. Hi Ladies!!

    I saw imgg's earlier post with her lovely lovely new tweed flap and am now *obsessed*! :nuts:

    Any ladies here with tweed flaps who can help educate me on what tweeds have been produced, how often they appear in the stores and how likely it is to get one?

    And oh, pics won't hurt either! :lol: Thankyeee!
  2. Great thread! I am curious too, It seems like they make a tweed bag every year, but not for every season. I am hoping the experts can educate us!
  3. Oh I can't help on the history but will say I have two adorable tweed bags and love 'em! They're b&w which suits my style perfectly!
  4. Yeah I don't see a lot of members with tweed flaps and I love them! If anyone has pics to share or information about new ones, please share!
  5. They are definitely nice looking bags and are pretty pricey too. Maybe that's why not too many people have them. They may choose leather over tweed. They just look so signature Chanel!
  6. Tweed bags usually come with matching tweed jacket/coat too. Last cruise season, there is a nice green tweed flap goes with the green jacket.

    Yes, immg's tweed bag is gorgeous. I have the matching tweed coat to that bag. I'm still looking for the same bag.
  7. Yay! Glad to know there are tweed lovin' ladies out there too!

    Regina07: Squeal! Lucky you! Would you be able to post pics, pleeeeease?
    Glamazon: Oooh! Thanks for the link!
    iluvchanel: Matching tweed coats?? Oh my oh my! :biggrin:This is getting more and more fabulous!

    Hope we get to start a tweed catalogue of sorts here!
  8. Wow, the jacket sounds fabulous! I would love to find one as well. Keep checking eBay on the bag. That's where I found mine. I bet another one will show up soon! When I saw this one I asked the seller to end the auction before the scheduled end date since I really wanted it!
  9. Is that eBay tweed genuine? does anyone know what year/season it's from?

    I wonder how you could fix the scratch...
  10. I have a black tweed e/w with interwoven silver strands, it's very pretty!

    I see tweeds produced every year, the ones released for cruise are more spring and the ones released during the year tend to be more neutral
  11. I think it was last year or the year before that, I saw a tweed flap in mostly black with white, perhaps a little bit of silver and I coveted it soo badly!! it was totally gorgeus..
  12. [​IMG]
    This is my yellow tweed flap. I love tweed flaps.
  13. ^^ OMG Allbrandspls that flap is stunning. I need one!
  14. ^^^ Totally agree!! Allbrandspls, that is a super tweed bag! When did it come out?

    mello-yello-jen: your bag sounds very pretty indeed! Any chance you'll be able to indulge us with some pics?

    Hmmm, anyone know whether there are new tweeds for Fall '07?