Tweed Balenciaga?

  1. Hi Everyone: Curious if anyone has any information on the "Tweed"
    Balenciaga bags. I see a red one on eBay now, with suede lining?
    Seems odd, just wondering if anyone has any insight on the tw:huh: eeds.:yes:
  2. I think CeeJay has mentioned them in the past. I know she linked to an orange one once.
  3. It's authentic and I LOVE it, it's such a great price too!
  4. anyone have the link? Would love to check it out (NO I'm not buying, I'm broke!).
  5. Thanks Winona and Mimi :smile: I thought it looked authentic and very cute!

    Twinklette: I can't quite get the link thing mastered, but the item number is 6879551721
  6. The leather texture is interesting, it somewhat resembles my f/w 05 rouge, yet the bag is supposed to be from f/w 04
  7. Yes, the trim looks very thick and smooshy :biggrin:
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