TV shows that you thought you would never like, but now enjoy?

  1. Deadwood - Don't like westerns so why would I like this show? Boy was I wrong.
    Big Love - Don't like polygamy so why would I like this show? Boy was I wrong.
    Highlander - Don't like immortals so why would I like this show? Boy was I wrong.
    Friday Night Lights - Don't like HS football so why would I like this show? Boy...

    Those are all shows I wrote off without ever trying. After giving them all chances for different reasons I grew to love them.
  2. FNL for me too! :love: I was hooked after the first episode :nuts:
  3. For me (and I'm so ashamed to say this) it was Heroes. When it first came out I remember thinking that it was not my cup of tea at all and I would never get into it. I didn't even watch it to give it a chance.

    Well about 4 months ago my DH came home with season 1 on DVD and we were both hooked! It's my new favorite show, Season 2 is just as great, and I can't wait til the new episodes come on in January!
  4. Dexter. My DH watched it and kept telling me I should. Once I gave it a shot I was hooked!
  5. man, the first season BLEW me AWAY> i liked the other seasons as well but there was nowhere to go but down after that.

    it was just hilarious and operatic and brilliant!!

    as for FNL, i haven't seen it but i need to catch it. i absolutely loved the movie, so i need to get around to seeing the show.

    i'm kind of a loser. i watch SO SO much tv. i'll watch anything at least once. so i don't really have a real contribution to this thread. i have an honest expectation that i could like anything.
    maybe if i met a daytime soap i liked, then i could add. but that has yet to happen.
  6. I used to hate Grey's Anatomy-- I thought it looked stupid plus it pissed me off that it was so damn popular when amazing shows I liked were being canceled because of ratings.

    I really like Grey's now but I still say Veronica Mars was better and shouldn't have been canceled.
  7. Gossip Girl. I didn't just think I wouldn't like it, I actually tried to like it but couldn't even watch the first couple of episodes, and even posted a long rant about it here.

    Then for some reason, the production values and the telenovela essence sort of wafted through to my synapses like when you try your friend's new perfume and don't like it until you have had it on all day and forgotten about it and reach for something by the monitor and it takes you a minute to figure out why your wrist has such a nice smell.

    Six Feet Under. I thought it would be Just Another Sitcom, and I didn't watch it until a few years ago, when Mr Puff and I went to Blockbuster on a Saturday, the worst time to go, and everything we wanted was checked out, and we were new in the hood and didn't realize that there was a bigger Blockbuster close by, so we got a couple of cheesy romantic comedies and just on a whim, the first season of Six Feet Under.

    We ended up going back to the Blockbuster that night, right before it closed, and got seasons two and three, and gave the cheesy comedies to the sick old lady across the street.
  8. George Lopez...he's so funny to me.
  9. Ugly Betty: I was against the show from the start because I thought they only would make fun of her for being overweight and then make her dorky looking so they could make fun of her more. However, once I watched this show I feel in love and have to watch every week.
  10. I didn't give Ugly Betty a chance because while I realized it was about inner beauty and all that, her outfits just bothered me.

    One Thursday I gave it a chance and even though I don't love it, I thoght it was very cute.
  11. The Hills...on MTV. I never really watched only bits and pieces of this show until this past weekend...when I watched an entire episode. It really isn't all that bad?! I was pretty suprised.
  12. Lost. Thought the billboard ads looked like it was advertising for Survivor and I hate Survivor but I love Lost!!! And I love Matthew Fox!! My co-worker actually looks like Matthew Fox when he cuts his hair short!!

    Chuck. Again, thought it looked silly but it's actually a cute and funny show. The lead actor who plays Chuck is very likeable (and cute!).

    Brothers & Sisters. Didn't look good at first but it's turned out to be a very good show and I love the chemistry between Calista Flockhart and Rob Lowe!

    Ugly Betty. Thought I would tune in to see what it was about.... I LOVE this show!!!! America Ferrara is great in the role!!! It's a cute show and my DH and I look forward to watching it each week. I also love the Mark and Amanda characters.... they are kind of like the new Jack & Karen from Will & Grace.

    Ghost Whisperer. Sort of a dumb premise but I like Jennifer Love Hewitt and I love the actor who plays her hubby - I think his name is David Conrad. There's not much going on on a Friday night, so watching this show has become a habit. I think it's funny how in this new season that they redecorated her house and took down the green/yellow striped wallpaper that had significance as to how the two characters first met...... Had to do with a striped umbrella hot dog stand where they had their first meal together. They made a big deal about it in the story, and now suddenly, her house doesn't have the green/yellow striped wallpaper - although I did think it looked ugly!

    Also, another scene that was really touching was their anniversary gift - the hubby gave Jennifer Love Hewitt's character a red umbrella as an anniversary gift which had meaning since it also represented their first meeting - or something like that and she gave him a miniature toy hot dog stand with a striped yellow/green umbrella. Sorry. I'll stop typing now!
  13. Shot at Love with Tila Tequila :wtf::push::shame:
  14. Grey's Anatomy! The first episode I'd heard of was the one where Meredith comes back to life, and I thought it was stupid. But when I finally gave it a chance I couldn't stop watching it!
  15. As a kid I always said I hated " I love Lucy " because it was in black and be honest, I had never seen it before, rofl. Now it's one of my favorite shows ever!!