TV Shopping! tell me what to get!

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  1. So my bf & I are furnishing our first place... since I've pretty much taken control of everything furniture related, I threw him a bone and told him he could indulge and get a larger tv than we were originally considering... but there are a ridiculous number of options and I'm overwhelmed. I read the reviews, and pretty much get lost in all the tech talk and still have no clue which one we want. He's not a researcher, he'll go with whatever the sales person says, and I'd rather go in with a little knowledge when we're dropping that much on a tv....

    Sooo... what are you watching your tv on? LCD? Plasma? DLP? Any recommendations?

    We're looking in the 46-50in department... price isn't a *huge* issue, but it is definitely a terms of wanting the most bang for our buck.

    Any help appreciated - thanks!! :smile:
  2. we bought a 46" LCD by Samsung. WE LOVE IT!

    we went with LCD, because it is a bright room in the afternoon..and you can't see reflection on the seems to absorb the you can watch it without glare.

    we bought the 780 (or 760 or 720) version, they had just come out with the 1080..and we didn't want to pony up the extra money for the 1080. I can't really tell a difference, but the 1080 has since come down in price.

    No complaints at all, we bought the extended warranty. But the guy who installed our TV said he had never seen a Samsung LCD returned, and he had been doing it for a couple of years. But he listed all the other brands, that they had to haul back for servicing.

    Plus, we liked that the screen, controls and everything were all black. We didn't want anything silver on the TV.

    We chose 46" because it specifically fit an opening in a built in...we didn't hang it on the wall.

    We like it so much, we are going to buy another one for our bedroom, and a smaller one for the playroom. Maybe even one for the garage.

    Have fun!
  3. Agree with the LCD, plasma is now considered "old" technology, which is why prices are dropping. 1080 is the best resolution you can buy now, but if you don't want to spend the money you can definitely go with 780.
  4. lcd's are so much better than plasma! try the sharp aquos or the pioneer elite. those are two of the best i think. also, in terms of resolution, there's 1080p and 1080i. 1080p is the best, but only blu-ray and hd-dvd's can actually utilize this level of resolution. 1080i is the same as 720p... confusing right? i personally don't think that you need 1080p, but that's whats considered "full hd" and the highest resolution that you can get now.
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