TV program on Coco Chanel (UK)

  1. tonight (7th November) BBC4 at 7.05pm

    Reputations: Chanel - A Private Life
    A profile of the perennially influential fashion designer Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel who devoted her life to becoming the symbol of chic and the style of France. But behind her image she hid a secret past as a nightclub singer, mistress and spy.

    Part of BBC FOUR's Haute Couture week.
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  2. oooo, goody! thanks for posting. I'm setting my Sky programming thingy so I can record it.
  3. OK, all set to record, although it IS clashing with Walker, Texas Ranger.
  4. LOL! You guys watch Walker over there!?
    I think Chuck Norris lives near me!
  5. They've been showing House of Chanel documentary for the last 3 days as well, it's subtitled but quite funny :yes: I think there are still 2 episodes to go.