TV on the internet or why i love ABC

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  1. i just realized abc archives entire episodes of their popular dramas on their website for free. :yahoo: i don't have cable and hate being a year behind....but not enough to subscribe. in order to actually watch the shows i like, i'd have to get a dvr or tivo and i'm kind of cheap when it comes to television. it's SO nice to finally be catching up to where everyone else is!

    is abc the only network that does this? i don't even know what networks my favorite shows play on at this point. and does anyone else watch tv this way?

    back to catching up to lost. :biggrin:
  2. I love this too, started watching the nine since it was on after lost...but didn't set tivo...was glad to catch up!
  3. I love it too! I wish that other channels would join in, like MTV!