TV News Fake Handbag Investigation

  1. WOW! Must SEE! Handbag Investigation Turns Dangerous
    Check out these ugly fake LVs, Coach and Prada bags:busted
  2. Thanks for sharing! I hope they get into a LOT of trouble for selling that CRAP to people!
  3. Wow I can't believe that guy tried to run the reporter over!!! what an idiot! Alot of those consignment shops sell fake bags but usually they don't try to trick customers like those people!!

    Selling fake bags are like selling drugs...
  4. Wow, that was interesting.

    I hope they get some kind of punishment for selling those fakes and for trying to run over the reporter.

    Shame on them! :nogood:
  5. Wow. I wish there is more to do to stop them.
  6. Glad they were busted!!! Owner said she was just trying to make a can do that legally!!!! I've seen lots of fakes in consignment shops, there is one shop in a well to do area near me and it was a disgrace that the store was loaded with fakes....:tdown:
  7. Some losers resort to this......shame, they can't make an HONEST living....
  8. Wow! That is sad that people do that!!! Just think of all the unsuspecting people that come into that store thinking they are gettin designer bags and really they are just getting junk!!!
  9. I can't believe the reporter almost got run over too!! People will do anything to make a buck or protect themselves.

    ICK to that woman for selling fakes...:cursing:

    And those fake Coach bags are really really ugly!
  10. Thank you SOOOOOOOO much I really needed this video and from it I got the email address for the guy involved. I needed it for a case I'm involved in regarding my university selling fakes and no one caring. The link to the thread is in my signature for those interested.
  11. The amazing thing about this is that if that guy hadn't tried to run over the reporter I believe they would have gotten a slap on the wrist but because he did I bet they get into a whole lot more trouble for both the assault and the counterfeit goods.
  12. Thanks for posting. :yes:
  13. wow...thanks for sharing...and kneehighz...good luck with your case....