TV Junkie

  1. Did anyone else catch this? its a documentary series on HBO..this one was about a guy who videotaped his life constantly, the show is a compilation of all the videos thru the years... he became a successful anchorman on Inside Edition, a father of two boys and all the while gradually more & more addicted to crack.

    its is the most saddest horrific thing i have ever seen on tv..honestly if u haven't seen it and it comes on i don't even recommend watching if ur sensitive...if anyone caught old was his wife? i feel so bad for heart just broke watching for her and the boys..she was so beautiful too.she looked so much younger than him
  2. Wow. I've never seen it/heard of it, but it sounds interesting to watch. Every day I receive more signals that I need to get HBO
  3. Damn !! I missed this too ! Kinda wanted to watch ! although I'm very sensitive, so perhaps it was fate.
  4. ^^yes probably, Prada. I can't seem to stop thinking about it, it was just so horrible watching what he did to his wife & was just his regular video camera & and he taped himself and his family non stop...