tutus for babygirls

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  1. my college roomie who is a sahm started making tutus and they are sooooo cute!!! i dont have a babygirl yet but hopefully soon since im obsessed! i did order the white with the blue ribbon for my dh best friends daughter...

    just wanted to share with you since its adorable...:P

  2. Those are cuuute! I'd order one. :smile: My mom made me one for Ella when she was born, though I must say it was so hard to get pictures of her sleeping with it on as is super scratchy.
  3. Oh my gosh!! Those are adorable!!!!!!!! I suppose the only way to get a baby to comfortably wear it would be with stockings? (forgive me if I sound dumb, I only have a son so tutus are new to me!! lol) I would love to order one for my little girl!!! i just might.........:yes:
  4. Wow, those are a great price! I'm def going to get a couple!
  5. Those are so cute and much cheaper than I have seen them from retailers.

    I plan to make my own for Emily, because even though that is more reasonable, they are super easy to make and materials would be less than $5.
  6. ya i noticed other retailers charge alot! i think shes mostly doing it for fun and of course since she is a sahm...its adorable! when you order you can say her baghag college roomie sent you hehe
  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I've been looking for a tutu!!!!!
  8. Those would be adorable for photo shoots for infants (not much else for little babies, though), and my 4 year old would adore one for dress-up. With the reasonable prices and the selection of colors, I might order one or two, too!
  9. Twinkle, thanks for that link, that tie-method actually looks like something I could manage, I bookmarked the page because I'll definitely be wanting another tutu for when Ella can walk...for pictures. :smile: I don't know if I ever showed the picture I took of Ella when she was (I think) a month old, but here she is with the tutu mom made her. I was trying out my lighting equipment for the first time, and she is floating in this picture, I love it nonetheless, but you know..I'm critical annd I'm babbling. hehe

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  10. very cute! i will def either buy or make one!!
  11. Oh I saw a video on YouTube on how to make a tutu....I am sooo gonna make one. Another project to do during my maternity leave before baby comes!
  12. OMG! She is so cute!!
  13. ^Thank you! it took forever to get her to fall asleep like that, but once she was it was so funny and cute. I can't wait now for the standing up shots. :smile:
  14. Thanks for starting this thread...

    I made 2 for Emily. I got the elastic at Michaels for and used the weekly 40% off coupon, so it was .68 (and you get 2 waist bands out it)...I already had the tulle at home, but priced it out..the 25 yard spool was 2.99 and if you use a 40% off coupon you can get it for 1.79. it takes just about 1 roll to make 1 tutu (if you use the super fluffy method)...so you can make it for $2.13 :smile:

    If you have seen these in the cute little boutiques they run about $60-$80!! Even on Etsy, the are $25-$40.

    Here is the 2 I made, in this pic the white/pink one is done and the blue/purple about 1/2 done. I added some ribbon for a cute waist band...rather than attaching it I just tied it around, so it can be changed around. It was super easy and took me about an hour for the first one (learning curve). The second one is about is about half done, I ran out of purple...but I did the half in less than 10 minutes..you could easily finish these in less than 30 minutes when you get the hang of it.



    Emily models mommy's handwork



    Here is the website I used for the how to's:

    I used the last one, the interlocking method, but alternated the colors, instead of doing a top and bottom. I also figured out using this method you could make 2 tiers.