Tuttis that could have been...in color!

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  1. Okie, so a few people have lamented the black and white. I'm torn, because I like it but wish such a white bag wasn't coming out so late in the season. Also, I bet there are a lot of really awesome color schemes that we could have had. So, I grabbed the new pics that have been posted and fired up Photoshop!

    It's a bit messy in places, and some of the black interferes with normal coloring. I tried to get "authentic" colors off of the graphics I have saved from the web, but a few things I just eyeballed off of bags. So here's my color scheme on white or pale blue backgrounds, and the tiled blank version I worked on top of in case someone else wants to give it a go!

    blank, white bg, blue bg:
    blanktutti.jpg white_tutti.jpg blue_tutti.jpg
  2. HOLY SHOOOTT! I want one in COLOR!!!!!
  3. If the print was colored like that, I would buy it! Good job:tup: I wish it had color now ; ;
  4. Yeahh the color would be much better...then i'd consider getting a bag.
  5. Ooooh yes. Color would be much prettier!!!:amuse:
  6. yah if it was in color i'd hella buy it! oh well i'm still happy since i save money! lol
  7. I love the second one that you colored in! If the print looked like THAT I would definitely need a bag in Tutti - in black and white, not so sure.
  8. Thanks ladies! I think I'm starting to talk myself out of the black and white as well.
  9. Wow, that 2nd one really pops with the light blue background. I love it! Too bad they're not making it colored...
  10. omg~ soooo cute in color :smile: so sad it's black and white IRL :sad:
  11. I agree..it will lot a lot nicer if it is in color. Good work outpt
  12. yeah i agree it would be amazing with colour but personally i LOVE IT! so i'll be buying one in a stellina or campeggio :heart:
  13. Hehehe... I may be the only one who prefers it in black and white...
  14. you and me both! :heart:
  15. wow the color ones look nice! :]!! but i like the whole black and white thing also.

    i guess the whole black and white thing was to change things up a bit..? they should have some black and white ones.. along with some colored ones too! :p (or maybe that would be bad.. for my wallet!)