1. Tutti will eventually be on the Lesportsac website right?
    (If you guys know, please tell me when)
    I'm really excited to get one, I almost can't wait. But if they are going to be on the site, I might as well wait, rather than to buy it off eBay.
    or Does anyone know what website there is to buy a Tutti Dolce?
  2. Pulse in St Louis (where many of us already bought our Tuttis from) may carry dolces. Also, JapanLA may have them. Both stores do chargesends. There have been conflicting reports as to whether or not LeSportsac.com will carry them. Last I heard they were in mid-August, but the story keeps changing so I can't say for sure.
  3. Thanks!! I think I'm going to buy from pulse then. How is their shipping rate and charge?
  4. pulse has free shipping. japanla has told me they charge around 8, but i'm willing to pay that if they have the placements i want :smile:
  5. oh! cool. I don't really mind about the placement TOO much. =] Thanks for the info!!
  6. hehe there's only a specific part of this print i want, so i guess that's why it matters to me :p
  7. I too have hear conflicting stories as to lesportsac carrying it. If I can avoid them I do. Mainly because they do not do returns only store credit.
  8. yes they will be carrying all the last 3 prints
    i emailed them last week about it & that is what they told me but they will not have tutti up til the middle of august
    i got mine from pulse because they had it & free shipping & they do print placement i think lesportsac charges too much
    casey @ pulse is on vacation i think shes back monday
    she handles the tokidoki
    good luck!
    you will :heart: it!!
    heres a pic of my ciao ciao!
    tutti.jpg tokidoki 032.jpg
  9. Thanks!!! You're Ciao Ciao is soooo cutee!!!! =] I'll use yours for a print placement "reference" XD :heart:3
  10. Just a thought on Tutti...I wonder if they're going to have a bag that's the color of the inside of the Tutti bag...they had the arancia bag with foresta bags and I think that the new bluish-purple lining would make a really pretty bag with the tutti print on the inside.
  11. I was hoping they were gonna do that with L'Amore!! Have a pink bag with the print on the inside... but it never came out. :tdown:
  12. Your bag is adorable!! Thanks for the info...I hope it's correct b/c I'd love to see tutti on the lesportsac site. :yes: You're right though, they do charge too much b/c when you buy from them you have to pay a crazy amt for shipping, PLUS tax. :cursing: I try to avoid them when I can but I don't know if I can this time! :rolleyes:
  13. i wish they have more bright solid colors. Arancia is WAY too bold for me, but it's not just bold it's like......blech. i dk. Purple would be awesome, L'Amore pink would be awesome, even the pink from citta. or the blue from pirata.

    i don't really like any of the solid colors they did come out with beside bianco, and it's soooooo white i'm scared to buy one.

    kinda like how parents don't buy white clothes for toddlers cuz they know that the white clothes are 1000 times more likely to get mud or something all over them?
  14. I agree. I love orange, it's one of my favorite colors, but there's something about the color of Arancia that just doesn't strike me right. I was excited about the orange until I saw it in person. I really wanted to love it but, nope.

    I agree that the inside Tutti color would make a gorgeous solid color bag...