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  1. what bags are you all getting from tutti??

    i'm most definately getting the avventurina coz well... like i told my husband, we could fit BOTH of our cats in there. you know, just in case i have to grab them and run out the door. lol.

    the print looks too big for a zucca to me, so that means that i'll have to settle for a vacanze zucca. aw, poor me! i kinda really love tutti though, so what other bags does it look cute on? i'm not feeling the gioco either...

    i'm still not loving transporto, so i don't know if i'll get anything. maybe once i see it IRL i will fall in love, but so far, i'm just... bleh.
  2. I'm totally passing on tutti :biggrin:
  3. I kinda don't like any of the new prints... I feel like such an outsider :sad:
    My boyfriend seems to like famiglia and vacanze, but not transporto and tutti... tutti looks like a coloring book to me. I love everything Simone does, but I just wouldn't buy these prints for me.
  4. I ordered a denaro. I want to wait to see what it looks like before buying anything else but I think I might like it.
  5. I got it in a zucca, I love black and white on the zucca!
  6. i really don't like any of the upcoming prints either *wallet breathes a sigh of relief*

    i seriously don't know why he decided to change styles and go with ugly ugly ugly for the last collections :sad:

    the only one i might get is vacanze, but that is a LONG way off and i don't really like the christmas-y theme. (christmas trees, come on!) if i do get somethng, it won't be til it goes 20% off.

    on the bright side, i can search for foresta in the meantime :biggrin:

  7. Yes, my hubby is quite overjoyed that I don't like 2 of the last 3 prints. :smile: No Tutti or Vacanze for me...but I really love Transporto!

  8. I am getting an adventura, but didn't preorder. I told DH that I am getting the adventura when I returned the two bags I bought from the Macy's presale. I really love Tutti, but the print is so large that it doesn't look good on the small bags and accessories.
  9. I preordered a zucca and denaro... but I only want it if the two characters I want - Mozzarella and Cactus Kid - are on the front, under the zipper and in between the straps. That's the main part of the print I like and don't really care for any other parts of the print. So if Casey can't find a zucca like that, I'll probably have to pass. I'm not quite sure on the denaro yet... I also requested for the Mozzarella/Cactus Kid placement on it, so if I don't get that I'll probably pass on that too.

    I only say "probably" and not "definitely" because the last time I preordered the Spiaggia zucca and asked for specific placement, Casey didn't have it but sent me pictures of another placement that I hadn't even thought of... and I ended up looooving it far more than the original placement I had wanted.
  10. I have a Dolce pre-ordered. I've recently re-fallen in love with Dolces (I have Inferno and Spiaggia). I love Tutti, but like Adios Star am too afraid to get a big bag in the print because of so much white. So I figure I'll be pretty safe with a Dolce....not to mention I get the new Adios qee....that's more exciting than the bag itself!
  11. None, it has no color -- too boring for me. But, that's just me..I need some color.
  12. I'm going to try to skip the Tutti print. Although, that plan has yet to work out for me for any of the non-solid prints so far.
  13. I asked for the baby or the Koi or Cactus kitty or the girl blowing bubbles or the map cloud on my denaro. I quess I am not too picky but really I like all of those placements.

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  14. I hope we both get what we want!! :tup: At least you've got several placements you'd be happy with... I want Mozzarella and Cactus Kid or nothing. Haha.
  15. does casey let you know what placement you're getting before they ship it to you?