Tutti Zucca!

  1. Hi, I am new here and this is my first post. Mostly I have just been lurking around and reading the post because at first I didn't know much about Tokidoki or Lesportsac, but when my mom and I were in Macy's in NYC I saw the bags and remembered the designs from a magazine I get. So I got a famiglia gioco... it's adorable but I had no idea that even cuter prints existed!!

    So anyway, here is the tutti zucca I just bought on eBay. I'm not a stickler for print placement but I am happy with anything that has latte on it. Now I'm going to go cry since I am now broke... =P
    zucca2.JPG zucca3.JPG
  2. this is a good placement in my opinion! i love that girl blowing the bubbles! congrats!
  3. cool! it almost looks the same as the front of my tutti zucca except mine is a bit higher :]
  4. I wish I got that bag, it was afterall my dream bag =[ Its ok, my 5 Tutti print bags make up for it......................
  5. very cute bag! love the placement!
  6. i'm jealous! i want one like it, but i think i have too many zuccas...
  7. it's a beautiful tutti zucca! Congrats!
    Great placement!!
  8. i beg to differ...one can never have too many zuccas...lol :lol:
  9. I agree, the zucca and gioco are my favorite bag styles! kkiimm, I am jealous of your l'amore zucca!!! that's my favorite print! But yes I am pleased with the tutti zucca, it should come in soon
  10. Hey I have a question for experienced ebayers, I bought the bag on Thursday and paid right away but still have had no contact from the seller? I have emailed and messaged him on eBay to make sure that the payment went through and to ask if he had shipped the bag, but no reply... and eBay won't let me leave feedback since I am a new member. What should I do?
  11. You should never try to use feedback as a means to communicate with the seller anyway. You only get one chance to leave feedback and once you say it, you can't take it back.

    If it's an experienced eBay seller, I'd say just chill for a couple days. Some sellers are better than others at communicating. Personally, I do email each winning bidder after I receive payment to let them know I have their money and what day I am shipping. But not all sellers do this. Chances are, the bag is either enroute already to you or may be shipped tomorrow. Give it a week before you start to worry.
  12. Okay, thanks! I wasn't sure how the procedure usually goes down. Well, I will just be patient! (difficult for me, lol!)
  13. It came in today!!! I'm glad I followed your advice, Angelic*Ruin! Haha I think I get worked up a little too quickly XD

    Anyway, I LOVE the bag, although it is way bigger than expected! Almost covers my whole upper body! lol I'm sure I'll find plenty of things to fill it with :]
  14. i like the placement... you have cute ones such as moofia, the cactus people (lol i dont know their names)
  15. I'm glad it arrived! Congrats!!!