Tutti Zucca anyone?

  1. BLEH! Im soo craving for one! I want one soo bad, but I wanna get it as a school bag, along with the black Campeggio im getting! My question is, can Zuccas fit binders? I THINK my cousin said she has fit one in her Foresta Zucca, but Im not sure? ALSO! When will it be coming out? I mean I NEEEEED it before school starts =[

    Can someone take a pic of a Zucca with a binder in it? PLEASE!

    Thanks in advance =]
  2. I have a Tutti zucca on pre-order... When does school start for you?

    I'd take a photo if I had a binder here at home. Sorry!
  3. Bleh, thats the problem! I dont even know when school starts hahahaha, im gonna miss the first day of school, I know it!

    Hahahahaha im jealous you already have yours pre-ordered!
  4. Maybe it's not too late for you to pre-order? I pre-ordered mine waaaaaaay after the pre-ordering started!! My e-mails to Casey always start with: "I hope I'm not too late..." Haha. :push:

    Just looking at the zucca, though, it doesn't look like it'd fit binders, as in plural... Maybe ONE binder, because the material cinches in near the top...
  5. Yeah, just one binder! Hahaha I dont even use binders much, its just for show for the first few days of class, to show the teacher im "organized" hahahahahaha!

    Well I got a question for you Maya, which do u like better Zucca, or BV? Pros? Cons?

    Which would you think looks better on a guy?

    Oh bleh school starts September like 12 or something

    Thanks for your help again though maya!
  6. Hmmm... I'd have to say in general I like the zucca better, hands down. It's just a lot more "stylish" and cute!! I use my BVs when I need to carry a whole boatload of stuff only pretty much.

    Tutti will be out by September, definitely!

    As far as looking better on a guy, I'm sorry but I don't think tokidoki looks good on a guy period unless he's gay (although my brother didn't want the bracciatello my bf bought him...). But I know there are members bf's out there that carry tokidoki? You might wanna ask them...
  7. it does not fit a binder! i tried haha
  8. It fits a regular 1 inch binder. You can't close it, but it does fit and you can fit some other stuff in there as well.

    Casey is taking last calls for Tutti pre-orders, well that's what she said on the Pulse forum a few days ago.
    DSC00990.jpg DSC00989.jpg DSC00988.jpg
  9. ^ i couldnt close it that way either lol, i tried sticking it in length wise also, didnt work too well xD

    iono if u want a school bag get one of the tote bags o.o plus side: more space for more print :biggrin:
  10. Yeah, I don't think I would go to school with a Zucca & a binder in it just becuase it doesn't zip up...but who knows, maybe she'll be OK with it like that? Hell, if I were still in School I'd so get myself a Scuola.
  11. Maya -- Haha I am gay ;P I love and live with my Inferno Ciao Ciao, but it sucks that It doesnt fit much for school. I like the more "Manly" prints like the Inferno, Black Camo, all Black, Tutti! hahaha I have a lil of each, well hopefully the Tutti next!

    Thanks for trying out the binder thing you guys! hahaha Im KINDA sad it wont fully close with it in, but who knows, I still would kill for it!
  12. i'm not sure if you like the style but i use my inferno bv for school and it fits three binders which are packed to capacity haha it's perfect
  13. Oh really? Cool! My brother was just in WeHo for the rainbow parade! His picture even made it on one of the on-line sites that showcased the parade! Hehe. My brother is a LV person...
  14. Aw cool cool, yeah I love LV as well, but it's getting too expensive, like I mean when I found out the Monogram Canvas is just Vinyl now, I kinda got sickened, like wow I'm paying THAT much for vinyl? I do love my LV luggage though!
  15. i like the nuvola... but i dont think it would fit a binder.. and the scuola is too weird lol. like a huge ass backpack with cartoons all over >_> maybe id get one... but im in college so that would look weird? if i was in elementary school maybe lol.

    the diaper bags look cool :O!