Tutti Sighting at Nordstrom Today!

  1. I went to the Nordstrom at the Irvine Spectrum today and they had tutti. The SA said she just put it out this morning. They only had the following styles... dolce, campeggio, buon viaggio, gioco, and ciao ciao I believe. She said she MIGHT have a few duplicate styles in the back but those were the only styles they received. She also said that more may be appearing in the next couple days (if the shipments were divided) or 6 weeks I think if it wasn't divided.

    I ended up getting a dolce and she had only one other dolce there so yupp if you're interested hit up your Nordstroms quick :okay:

    ALSO for those that don't like tutti (if anyone) I saw some new nottes w/ the adios qee attached. They were mixed w/ the older nottes ;) so keep an eye out for that!
  2. Darn, I was just at Valley Fair today with my mother's group but I didn't check the handbag department at Nordstrom's or Macy's since they didn't have it on Sunday.
  3. I want to check South Coast but I'm not off work until 10 (after they close :sad:) ah well at least I still have a tutti dolce!

    btw... Metropark at the spectrum also has tutti... they have 1 famgilia denaro (and other famiglia bags), 4 tutti zuccas, tutti giocos, ciao ciaos, and buon viaggios... several pirata zuccas, one spiaggia zucca, and some other stuff :biggrin: in case anyone is looking for any of that
  4. Gaaaaaahhhhhhh...anyone know if Stoneridge got Tutti? :confused1:
  5. i was about to go today but i was hanging out w/ some friends...GAH. call and ask?

    EDIT: ok i just called stoneridge Nordstrom and the SA told me that they're expecting a new shipment any day now. she didnt know exactly when so she offered to take my number down so she can call me when they got it in. i'm thinking it'll come in on the 10th...that seems to the be day the new bags come in.

    Jen, i'll definitely let you know (actually i'll probably just make a whole new thread) if i see tutti ANYWHERE NEAR us k? :]
  6. Yes please post an update if you see any Tutti in the East Bay! :smile:
  7. Just called Downtown Seatte Macy's and Nordstroms - no Tutti yet. : )
  8. Just called Downtown Seatte Macy's and Nordstroms - no Tutti yet. : (
  9. hurray! thanks for the heads up jen imma go check it out tomorrow *drools*

    psst! did any of the zuccas at metro look like they had good placement?
  10. there was only one tutti I personally liked at metropark but it had similar placement on front and back... but overall they were good :smile: Metropark tends to have good placement for the most part IMO... if anyone checks out anywhere else in the area post which store has what! :heart:
  11. ^ :biggrin: cool thanks! i was gonna go to the movies on saturday and check em out then... but now i gotta go tomorrow lol.
  12. Thanks Momo!! Please keep me posted!! :sweatdrop:
  13. Thanks for the update on the the Tutti sightings =)

    I think North County Fair Mall has the closest Nordstroms to me but I will drive a lot farther than that for Tokis!
  14. :idea: you think the people at metropark would give u a call if new prints came in if you asked them to o.o?
  15. if the north county fair has it let me know :smile: it'd be fun to have an excuse to visit that mall!