Tutti Sighting at Macy's Today

  1. I just got back from the SF Downtown Macy's where they just put the tutti print on the shelves. They have buon viaggio, avventura, gioco, zucca, campeggio, stellina, canguro, ciao ciao, bambinone, cucciolo, portatelefono. The only pirata on sale they had were canguro and bella. Hope this helps!
  2. :yahoo: Thanks!!! Did you buy anything :graucho:
  3. awesome!!!!

    no dolce or mamma mia eh???
  4. I got myself a gioco :biggrin: - I wanted something similar to bubblesung's with the two girls in the front but none of the giocos (I had the SA show me everything they had) had it. One of the giocos had the girl blowing bubbles which I absolutely DISLIKE!

    This is my first gioco so hopefully I will like it though it seems there is a mixed response to how the girls here like it.

    I will update my collection soon and post it in the collections thread :biggrin:
  5. Oops, they had dolce but no mamma mias
  6. thanks!!! :nuts:

    I'm counting down the minutes until i can get off work!!!! :wtf:
  7. Hmm, guess this solves the mystery of whether Macy's will carry Tutti...
  8. Yep! I'm glad that Macy's and Nordie's are still carrying the bags. It's just odd because usually Nordie's will get it first before Macy's or Metropark does..guess they were lagging behind this time!
  9. Nordstrom at the Specturm had the Tutti. I went by there at lunch today. But the macy's didn't have it yet. They did have a ton of FAM though.

    And the Metro park there had the Tutti, but I couldn't tell if it was the MM or BV. The bags have the MetroPark label rather than the LeSport label. The bag wasn't terribly large, so I think it might be the MM. They had 6 Tutti Gioco's last week, they had one left today! Wow, I couldn't believe it. No denaro's though, is the Denaro going to be available in the Tutti print?
  10. Yes, it is, someone posted a pic of their Tutti Denaro in the "Tutti available at Pulse" thread.

  11. Just like the Metropark at the Glendale Galleria(CA), there are no denaros either. I bought my gioco at happy six and they didn't have tutti denaros either. I'm still up in the air about getting a denaro but the search is still on
  12. ohhh I really want a Tutti Zucca! or a Luna to add to my collection!

    btw, have you ever seen any Luna (any print?) at that macys?
  13. Congrats!! :yahoo: I think you will like the gioco. I have 3 and I like them for a change from the zucca!! I can't wait to see your pics!!
  14. oh man. i want a porta and a dolce. GAHHHH. HURRY UP STONERIDGE.
  15. :sad: Boohoo .. and the largest store in the world has not got any Tutti in yet.