tutti scotch guard warning!

  1. Okay, people! I just Scotch Guarded my Tutti MM and denaro. I inspected it after drying and the denaro is fine, but the MM got light black streaks running down slighty on the top of the bag!! The LeSportsac ribbon strip thing BLED onto the white!! So all along the rim of my bag is slight bleeding!!

    Don't Scotch Guard your Tutti!! Or at least avoid spraying on the black strip!!
  2. that sucks :tdown:
  3. didn't happen to me.. although i never spray that high. don't want to touch the leather =/
  4. I wrap the leather with toilet paper so it doesn't spray on there... but yeah, avoid the LeSportsac strip!
  5. is it better to scotch guard bags? i never tried. kinda afraid that i will end up making a mess.
  6. Oh geez, I hope it didn't ruin your bag too much. :sad:
  7. djr: Well, all my other tokidoki bags are Scotch Guarded and are fine... but I guess the black strip and the white fabric just wasn't a good mix. :sad:

    angelic: It's not super bad... You can definitely see it when you look up close, but not from far. It streaks down the lines of the rip-stop grid.
  8. I wonder if Magic Eraser would clean up some of the lines?
  9. I don't know. I have those, but haven't used it on any bags yet...
  10. what's the other one ppl use? kiwi something? i really want to try it but i have no idea what it is or where to get it :p
  11. Yeah, Kiwi Protect All.
  12. I always think it's a good idea to scotchguard the bags and I actually bought the scotchguard but I've never used it b/c I'm too afraid of what might happen. I just use Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser for any issues I have!! :graucho:

    Maya - I hope your bag dries okay or you're able to remove the streaks :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  13. My bag is already dried... I think I'll try the Eraser soon.
  14. Oh crap...it dried streaky? :wtf:
  15. Yup.