Tutti Pup! So cute!

  1. Saw this on LeSportsac Japan website;


    Is that a Bambino/Bambinone?
  2. that is kinda scary... but the dog/purse is cute!
  3. Cuuuuuuuute!! And a porta and denaro!!
  4. Great eye maya! I almost missed the porta and denaro!
  5. hahaha, that's adorable :smile:

    looks like a bambino from the shape.
  6. very creative photo, how cute.
  7. cute! hmm..it looks like a bambinone cuz the straps looks longer?
  8. Hmm, I like that gray/fumo colored hobo but I don't think it is part of the Toki collection. I wonder if it will be offered in the US.
  9. Very cool looking ad!
  10. Cutest purse puppy ever. Not that I've seen another. :yes: