Tutti Print?

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  1. Would I be crazy to buy a tutti print bag, and handpaint it?

    I really like the design, but it's just not colorful enough for me....plus I think it could be a fun little project for my otherwise boring summer
  2. It wouldn't be that crazy..I'd just be super careful to stay in the lines lolz...
  3. if we were to paint/color our bags, i wonder how well the color would stay...
  4. i definitely wanna do that! id buy those paint pens, like when we were in high school & thought it was SOOOO cool to write all over our black jansports & make pawprints on the straps :p I do think if you looked in AC moore or Michaels or Joann they sell special markers that you can use for tshirts & bags that wont wash off!

    or ooooo! idea! PUFF PAINT! :biggrin:
  5. yeah, I was thinking puff paint =) I have screwball paint that would be awesome too

    now I totally have to do this, haha
  6. I ever do get something in Tutti, maybe something small like denaro? :shrugs: I would probably try coloring it in :biggrin: ...but I have to go find special markers first and I dont think I can find them around here :lol: ...I'll just wait for someone to do it first and see how it turns out :biggrin: so make sure you post it if you do it! I would like to see it :graucho:
  7. Someone should have a "color your Tutti" contest....
  8. I know acrylic paint stays on jeans and shoes and stuff... even when my pants go through the wash =/ I do designs on clothes with them, and they seem to stick just fine - and look vibrant at the same time~